Friday, August 20, 2010

Will Work for Food!

Is it Friday?
Is it really Friday?
Because yesterday, I thought it was Friday and I was so confused!
The confusion part isn't that unusual.
If we could have FRIDAY FRAGMENTS every day, then I wouldn't be so confused.
Don't you agree?
Well get on over and see Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time
it's all her fault!

* My niece gets married today!
Isn't that awesome!
Congrats to Corina.  She'll be a beautiful bride.

* It's out last weekend with EVERYBODY home.
Trammell leaves for college sometime next week.
Garrett leaves for college the end of the month.
It's going to be very quiet and very boring around here.
But, I DID buy their plane tickets home for Thanksgiving!

* I have a nice rant about Dr. Laura and Jade, her listener,
but I'll save it.

* I'm lodging a complaint.
Not a single person brought a single baked item by the house this week.
What is wrong with people?
No cookies, no cupcakes, no scotcheroos, nothing.
Did no one bake?

* I gotta run.
I just went to all of the kids' bedrooms and talked to myself -
"You need to get up and be in the car by 8."


"We're going to Dad's office and we're going to take the trash out and vacuum and then go get brakfast tacos."

What they heard -
You need to get up and be in the car by 8, blah, blah, blah, breakfast tacos."
So yeah - I gotta be in the car by 8.

Happy Friday!


Mama Badger said...

Well hurry up or there will be no tacos left for you!

valerie said...

Funny how nothing get's to the brain faster than food! Happy Friday!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, I know the feeling!! This is our last weekend together too. Actually it is our last night. I leave for Utah in the morning.

And I laughed at your post about shopping with your boys! That is too funny. And too familiar. I have daughters and we had similar conversations! said...

belatedly returning your ff visit... yesterday was kinda zooish at my house...

Enjoy your last weekend as a family of four... and then enjoy the quiet at the end of the month!