Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's never too late to jump on the bandwagon!
Get on over to The Un Mom and link up for a full day of RaNDoM FUN with Keely!
* Wow!  I know how to party!
I just got to pay 2 tuitions and 2 rents.
Next up - books for 2.  Yippee!

* Overheard -
Grandma - "So do you have to cook at school or do you have a meal plan?"
Garrett - "Oh, my meal plan is finding a girl who cooks!"

Nice Garrett!
* "I'm officially ready for college now that I have a light saber."
"How come these were so much bigger when we were little?"
* Parker is working on his Eagle Scout Project Write Up.
For those of you with Boy Scouts,
the write up is the WORST and HARDEST part of the project!
The planning is over, the project is over, the adrenaline rush is over and now your scout wants to play video games.
The LAST thing he wants to do is sit down and type up a 10 page report on what went well, what he would change, and his life's goals.
And I can't blame him.
Parker asked me if I would pull together the pictures to include in his report.
And as I opened that picture file and started to select a few to include,
it all came rushing back............
the emotions,

how wonderful the opportunity was,
the love for those people,

the hope in their eyes.
And now.........I'm crying.

* I can stop crying now.
It's time to freak out!
We're leaving Sunday to take Garrett to college and his belongings are still strewn all over the house.
Seriously, it's time for him to pack!
Like right now!

*Oh and just a little reminder
September 3rd - this Friday - is National Lazy Mom's Day.
How do people celebrate?
All celebrations are pretty much run by moms..........
and if they are being lazy...........
who makes the cute invites, blows up the balloons and makes/gets the cake?

Have a great Tuesday!


Guymons said...

I'm going to put a picture on my blog just FOR YOU.....go look at it...it will be the first one and you'll probably laugh

Mama Badger said...

You know what happens on lazy Mom's day? NOTHING. And that's just the way it should be. Ok, except maybe for a margherita. That would be worth getting up for. But I'd wait until Saturday to clean the blender.

Dawn said...

Hm, I hope that the meal plan, er, girl, that Garrett finds isn't expecting him to be her meal plan. Cuz that would just be hungry.

And you can never go wrong with a glo in the dark lightsaber. Just sayin'.

Andrea said...

I'll join you for Lazy Moms day. In fact I'll get the party started early right now...

Love Garrett's comment on cooking. That boy is too much!

Don and Kelley said...

I totally agree, the project write up is the worse part of the Eagle Project. Austin says he would do his project over and over again, but he hated all that paper work! Just to let you know......I am freaking out too! When is Zach going to pack? We leave Friday!

Anonymous said...

Can my checkbook join said party? :)

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

Lazy mom's day, I love it! Well, the idea of it. But I am too lazy to force someone to have a party for me.

I love Garrett's food plan, that made me snort soda out of my nose!

Julie from Momspective said...

I have that same saber and I'm 33 lol

Julianna said...

I am so up for lazy Mom's day. Maybe I an get the boys to wait on me hand and foot. No wait... then I'll have to clean up the mess thay've made on the 4th... -J

Danelle said...

I can't believe THIS Friday is National Lazy Mom's Day! I'm going to need the break after Thursday, which is National Mom Goes To a Tennis Match, Photo Shoot, Back-to-School Night, Dentist Appointment Day.

Joy For Your Journey said...

If spending money is how a check book parties, mine is the party queen right now!! We have three in college, but luckily they pay for their own books. :-)

I love the pictures for the Eagle project. What a great project that was!

Have fun taking your son to college. I think that is both a really fun thing and a sad one--but only because I miss the kids. I really wouldn't want them staying home. Going away is such a better experience for them. Still . . .

Christina said...

Lazy Mom's Day!? Why have I not been informed there was a holiday I wasn't celebrating... or maybe I was just being lazy.