Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The other day,
a girl (who shall revel in nameless innocence) and her mother (who is the guilty party in this story)
were walking through the mall.

They saw another shopper wearing this T-shirt-
And the mom promptly responded;
"What a cute shirt!  We should get one for Grandpa"
I guess he lives in Idaho ...... or maybe he works nights.

The daughter, taken aback, "Mom!  Do you even know what that shirt means?"
Mom: "Yeah - I da ho- like I da hoe - like a rake.
Daughter: "No mom.  It's like I da ho - like a slut."

They didn't get Grandpa the t-shirt.
Poor Grandpa.

Maybe Garrett should get the shirt since he'll be going to school there.
Until June, I had never been to Idaho.
Figuring that we should see where Garrett was going to go to school,
we took a little road trip to check it out.
The scenery is gorgeous.
His campus is beautiful and about 45 minutes from Jackson Hole and Yellowstone.
The campus sits on a hill and we thought it would be surrounded by potato farms.
Close - but not quite.  It is surrounded by trees........and student housing.
It far exceeded our expectations.

The town he will live in is a total college town............ no mall, no chain stores, a small grocery store and a smaller grocery store and not very many restaurants....
but I heard a rumor that they built a Wal Mart.
I guess it's a reall town now! ;)

Oh, and Garrett is NOT getting that T-shirt either!


TRICIA said...

i went to school there before the walmart, wendys or taco bell. it was a big deal to drive to idaho falls (where i am from) to go out to eat. rexburg is a happening place now!!! he will love school there I think. great place and great people!

Andrea said...

I-da-ho is beautiful. Both my sis and my parents live there ;) And I grew up 30 minutes from there (N. Idaho though) and pretty much lived int eh lake during the summer. Now I really wanna go to Coeur d'Alene Lake and go swimming!!

Lauren Billat said...

Well I am from IFID (Idaho Falls) where Garrett will go for all of his "entertainment" purposes while he is in Rexburg. That shirt if very popular at Bydaho. I have a picture of my son and his roommate wearing that lovely shirt. Makes ya proud. And yes - the Walmart has been there for awhile. And there are other GREAT places like the Cocoa Bean (cupcakes), Craigos (massive pasta and pizza buffet) and Florences (the greatest chocolates on the earth). He will love it.

Julianna said...

I've never been to Idaho. Maybe one day Iwillgo. (Laugh with me, it's been a looong day) But, I won't buy that shirt. Not even if it's on the $1 rack at Walmart. -J

Don and Kelley said...

Funny. Rexburg has changed a lot! Having a Wal-Mart is a huge deal. We didn't have that when I went there. I don't know if we are going to any of those dinners for parents and new students. I will let you know. Where is Garrett going to live?

Danelle said...

I obviously haven't been keeping up. I can't believe I almost missed your post about this cute shirt! It's really funny because a few weeks ago at church, an older fellow was announcing a stake farm assignment and he kept going on about, "Don't bring your ho. Every year, somebody brings their ho and ends up leaving their ho." And he couldn't figure out why all the young men were giggling. My sister lives in Rexburg. Maybe I'll ask her to pick up one of those shirts for me!