Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I promised I'd finish the story of the "Week of Facebook Hacking."

So day after day, one of my little angels would hack into my FB account and update my status for me.
They aren't computer geniuses.
It isnt that hard to hack into when
1) I log into FB in the morning and leave it open all day
2) I have auto-fill and once I type in my username, the password automatically fills in.

So everyday, I was greeted with a status that would say
"Gina is so glad her favorite son is home."
"Gina loves Trammell the most."
"Gina loves her favorite son Parker the most."
"Gina loves Garrett the most because he doesn't hack into her Facebook."
and then a comletely random
"Gina doesn't really love her sons the most, she loves her brother Jenner the most."

Okay - Jenner doesn't even have a FB or know how to use it.
So I took care of it by killing my kids with my bare hands changing my password, getting rid of the autofill and logging off when I step away from the computer.

Meanwhile,  my friend's daughter saw how much fun my excellent examples were having and hacked into her mother's account.
A mutual friend saw the status
"Margaret is having so much fun spending time with her #1 daughter Sarah."
and commented: "You got coxed!"

Doesn't that sound like something you would read about in Urban Dictionary?
Why yes.  Yes it does.
And you can!
Kevin, who coined the word, submitted it to and it was accepted.

Here is the entry -
1. Exclamation used to express joy at the fact that one's parent's facebook account has been hacked and utilized to denote a "favorite child via facebook status.

2. Denigratory expression directed at fellow siblings when they realize that you are in fact the favorite.

1. Facebook Status: "Kate loves Cara more than Mady."
comment 1: "Kate, Cara is playing with your account!"
comment 2: coxed!

2. To siblings: Did you see mom's fb status?  You got coxed!"

If you don't believe me - go see for yourself -
Urban Dictionary

So we are now FAMOUS but unfortunately, we are not RICH & FAMOUS!


Mama Badger said...

You might be the reason I stop at two kids. I want to blindly believe that this wouldn't happen with just two boys.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Ha ha ha! That is so funny! I am going to start using that word and when people ask me what it means, I will refer them to the urban dictionary. I love being on the cutting edge of vocab words! :-)

valerie said...

Cool! And I "knew" you before you were famous!

Andrea said...

Hilarious! You're now famous for Cupcakes for Breakfast and getting Coxed! lol!

H.K. said...

Your boys are hilarious! I could tell that you have a very close and fun relationship with them.

Julianna said...

UN-BE-LIEVABLE! And very funny! -J

Jayme said...

ROFL I love it!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

That is awesome! LOL

Jack Kung said...

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Allison Williams said...

I have seen these facebook updates :) I guess my maturity level isn't much better than your boys cause I have hacked my mom's account and left similar messages on my sisters wall telling her I was our mom's favorite.

Dawn said...

Too funny! Thankfully they would have very unsuccessful criminal careers as they seem to be about as subtle a bull in a china shop!

Oh, and congrats on the word fame now! It's always so nice when you can verb a noun.

Danelle said...

Oh my goodness, this is funny! My friend's 10 year-old hacked her FB account this week. I'll have to tell her she got coxed.