Friday, August 6, 2010

I Know There is a Reason I Had Boys But I Just Can't Remember It!

It's Friday?
Wait!  I haven't accomplished anything yet!

It can't be Friday.
Where did the week go?

Thank heavens it's time for Friday Fragments because I don't think I havea whole thought in my head!
Go see Mrs. 4444's at Half Past Kissin' Time.  She started it!

* Trammell is looking for a car.
He may or may............or may this today.
I can't believe he would pass up the opportunity to take this -
It has 175,000 miles on it, broken cup holders and the passenger side window won't go down. Okay - it may or may not get you from Colorado to Utah, but WHERE is his sense of adventure????

* I can't believe I participated overheard this conversation -

Unknown Mom - "Seriously?  Before we go, not only do you have to put on a shirt, but you have to put on a belt.  Your shorts are falling off.......... that razor stubble?
Anonymous Son - "Uh yeah. I don't want to have a stupid happy trail."
UM- "A happy trail.  You are kiding me."
AS- "You gotta 'manscape'"
Idiotic Sidekick Brothers - "Yeah mom.  Geesh."

Thank heavens I don't know any of these people!

* Somehow, just seconds after recovering from 3 weeks of intestinal nonfortitude,
I got talked into going to Casa Bonita.
It's a "once in a lifetime" Colorado institution.
Because the inside features cliff diving, pirate plays,a tour of Black Bart's cave, dancing monkeys and free sopapillas, with NO COVER CHARGE, you understand why everyone has to pay $13.29 for the Mexican TV dinner.
Actually it was fun.  It helps to take 4 year olds and 2 year olds along!

* If you hear Parker complain about how he was worked to death all summer, don't believe it!
Trammell and Garrett just drove up to the mountains to Winter Park
to pick him up from the high school leadership retreat
and ferry him to the Boy Scout High Adventure where they were going to bike Glenwood Canyon

and then ride his bike down the slopes of Copper Mountain ski resort.
but the second he gets home, all fun is coming to a screeching HALT because he has to START and finish his summer reading for AP Lang. Bah Ha Ha Ha Ha <- evil witch laugh.

* In an attempt to "help" Trammell and Garrett get ready to leave for college, I unwittingly suggested we go through their closet and decide WHO gets what.
Turns out, everyone wants everything - including the blue velvet smoking jacket, the pale green leisure suit jacket, the patchwork madras pants, and the tuxedo that fits no one.
It took about five minutes for me to walk out of the closet and declare that "this is a job for another day."

Well, since I didn't accomplish anything all week,
I have two options -
get busy and make up for lost time
continue in the same vein.
It's Friday!  It's too late to accomplish anything!
Have a great weekend!


Doreen McGettigan said...

The new ride looks much safer. I do not feel so bad now that I have not done a darn thing all week..but this week will be different...I'm writing a list and sticking to it!
Have a great weekend.
Of course I am visiting from Mrs.4444 Friday Fragments..

Joy For Your Journey said...

Sounds like everyone is having a great summer!! I love the pictures. It looks so clean and cool there-and brings back great memories. We were in Durango a few weeks ago and loved it. It was 112 in Phoenix yesterday.

I also just read about your son's eagle project!! What a wonderful project!! That must have been very rewarding for the whole family. Good for him!

joven said...

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