Thursday, August 26, 2010


With the kids going off to college, I was pretty sure my life would turn into a boring lump of nothingness.
My life is just one exciting adventure after the other.

I just got back from meeting the tow truck driver.
Yeah - meeting the tow truck driver two blocks from my house.
And SHE was a DOLL!
I love AAA - not AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, but AAA - the Automobile Association of America, or American Automobile Association or whatever.

I called this morning at the crack of dawn, seriously, 7 am.
I told them what my problem was (regarding the car, not MY problem, or we would still be on the phone).
I explained that I was on my way to a meeting and couldn't meet the truck until after noon.
No problem!

They took all my info (and it was easy),
told me to call when I was ready and all I had to do was give my name and they would send out a truck.
I called.
They said they would be there is 30 minutes
and voila, they showed up!

Totally friendly, totally polite, very helpful!
I handed her the keys and she told me I could leave.
They are towing it to our mechanic's.
I didn't even have to sign anything.
Love those people!
AAA is my new best friend!
Everyone should join AAA - because in addition to battery jumps, free let-you-ins when you lock your keys in the car, and towing, you also get discounts at hotels and local attractions!

Now - the neighbors....
So Garrett and a friend were helping someone move some furniture.
They drove the house - 2 blocks away in my neighborhood,  loaded up the truck in 3 minutes, and then, it all went awry.
The truck wouldn't start.
We tried to jump the truck,
We removed the battery and had it tested.
We bought a new battery and installed it.
It still wouldn't start.

The truck went kaput at 4:00 pm yesterday.
We installed the new battery and figured out it was more than that about 7:30 pm.
The SHERIFF CALLED AT 10:00 am this morning.

No sooner had he identified himself, when Brian asked,
"Are you calling about a little white truck?"

The sheriff chuckled.
"Yeah, we've had a couple of calls about a suspicious vehicle."

People!  Really?
Suspicious?  How?
Did you look inside and see the car bomb just ticking away?
Or was it the guy sitting inside it with the binoculars focused on your window?
Perhaps it was the guy in the orange jumpsuit with "inmate" stenciled on the back, slinking away from the truck and through your backyard.

Oh, you didn't see any of those things?
So the fact that there was a car parked by the curb, not blocking anyone's driveway or mailbox for 12 hours got you worried?
It probably would have taken me 12 days to even realize there was a car parked in front of my house.  And I would assume it was a friend of the neighbor's.
Paranoid people!

But anyway, the coast is clear.
You can come out of your house now Gladys Kravitz*,
the truck has been towed.

* Gladys Kravitz was the nosy neighbor on "Bewitched."  She was forever spying on the rest of the street and gossiping about them.  If you don't know what "Bewitched" was, well, then,'re too young!


valerie said...

wow, your neighbors sound like Gems! Glad that AAA could help you out though! :)

Andrea said...

You like neighbor stories? You should read over at Suburban Matron, her neighbors give out Ivory Soap as birthday party favors. No Joke.