Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wait!  You all started without me!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's 11am and it feels like it's half past midnight.
I can't help it that I'm just getting here.
I had to be at the high school at 7 am.
You've probably already been over to Keely's at The Un Mom and checked out her goods.
If you haven't, get on over there and link up!

* Holy Cow!
I just worked Junior Registration at the high school.
Everyone - okay the girls, was half naked!
They wear super short skirts, little camis and their breasts are falling out.
Where are their moms?
Oh wait - it's the lady in the cheetah print pants and black halter top following her around.
Please - wear some clothes and leave something to our imaginations.

* My mom and dad left for their mission Sunday night.
All six of their suitcases made it.
And they made it to the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah.
They will stay there for a week and then head out to...........
oh look - my mom is so excited to have her picture taken in front of the map,
she's not sure if she's going somewhere in North Africa or hell. (look at her right hand)
Dad has it figured out though.
They are going to Rome, Italy.

* Trammell went over to my parent's house this morning to meet the plumber.
He's turning off the water and blowing out all of the lines.
Since I was at the high school,
I texted him, "How is it going?  Is the plumber cool?"
He promptly texted back:
"He's really good at loading stuff into his car....His friends came to and they said grandma "sold" them a bunch of stuff."

Funny Trammell.  Funny.
You'll be proud of me that I didn't fall for it for a second.
I didn't even respond.

* Trammell was pretty excited last Friday.
He went out and came home with this:
Then the Fedex man showed up with this:
He thought it was Christmas except that he had to use his own money to pay for the presents. ;)

* Garrett wore that gorgeous floral print shirt he had made in Cambodia yesterday.
He's on to me.
When I grabbed the camera, he said, "Mom.......I don't care if you take a picture of me in this shirt.  But you can't take a picture just for blogging purposes."
I whined, "But I have friends who want to SEE you in the shirt."

Nope.  No luck.
We had people over for dinner and he even wore it to the dinner table - PROUDLY!

That's it.
It's time to take the "little boys" to the dentist.
I'm glad that they are 18 and 15 and don't mind being called "little."
Happy RaNDoM TueSDaY!


Mama Badger said...

And here I thought Garrett was the fun one. I stand corrected. If he won't show off his flowered shirt for your bloggy friends he obviously doesn't want to be part of the party (he, he, he).

Lauren Billat said...

So true about the high school modesty issue. "Girls - I DO NOT want to see your butt cheeks or your thong." Ewwww.

Danelle said...

Oh dear, that first random thought reminded me of why junior high frightens me. I bet we'll see some more half naked girls tomorrow at our registration.

Guymons said...

since I am a yard duty at the elem school, I have a bunch of students as my facebook friends....some of them are going into Jr High this year...all their facebook statuses today are complaining about the Jr High dress code...HAHA!!!
And Gina, Melanee and I made some candy the other day. It a recipe from my mother in law, she calls it rocha or roche...anyway, there are 3 ingredients- 1 pound of butter, 2 cups of sugar and a bag or 2 of milk chocolate chips. I thought of you when we were making it, mostly because of the huge amount of butter....hahahaha...but it was really good.

Raven said...

Great random funnyness! loved the 'Not sure if she's going somewhere in North Africa or hell' bit. hehe

Lewis Family said...

I so agree with you and the way teenage girls dress. My hubby saw an ad that came in the mail the other day and asked if they were targeting teen hookers. I wanted to laugh, but it's sad really.
Will your parents be in Rome when they open the temple there? How cool!!!