Monday, August 30, 2010


Friday was the first football game.............and we won.
But who cares?
You don't go to a high school football game to actually watch the game!
There are too many other things to watch -
the cheerleaders,
the poms,
the boys watching the cheerleaders and poms,
the security guards busting rowdy kids,
the trampy girls in totally inappropriate clothing - silky camisoles with short shorts
the parents - the moms of the trampy girls - dressed just as inappropriately in cheetah print stretch pants and black halter tops.  It's football people!

There were 8,000 people in attendance...........
so there was A LOT to see!

the flagboys had a ball!
Parker, the third and final Cox flagboy made his debut.
Just look at the pics on Friday's post and you can see the legacy of Cox Flagboys.
Flagboying is in our genes!

Every year, there are three flagboys- two seniors and one junior.

You have to be highly skilled and evidentally, trained.
All the flagboys gathered here Friday afternoon.
Garrett went outside to bestow the flags on them and "give them a briefing."

Huh?  You wave a flag. You get the crowd riled up.
There's training?
I was disinvited to the briefing.
But that didn't stop me.
I watched from the laundry room window.
The flagboys were paying rapt attention.
Then I snuck out to listen.
"You have to understand that you are the leaders down there!
You set the tone!  It's your job to get the crowd going and to support the cheerleaders.  You make a difference to the game!"


All I know is that the flagboys thought it was awesome.
They had a blast.
I asked Garrett to take some pictures, since I can't work the camera.
The next thing I knew, he was down on the track with the cheerleaders and the flag boys taking up close pics.
I don't know how he talked his way past security.
A fun time was had by all!


valerie said...

Gotta love those flag boys! ;)

Mama Badger said...

From that last picture, I'd say "Tiny Baby" is very successful with the flag.

Cynthia said...

That flag boy isn't dumb- he knows his post is WAY closer to the Cheerleaders than he'd be on a Football field. Smart kid. LOL!

Lauren Billat said...

Just be glad Tiny Baby is isn't sooo tiny that he can't heft that big flag around all night. ;)

Hailey's first football game as a Varsity Cheerleader is this Friday. I will tell her they need flag boys as well since they make such a difference out there. I will tell her to have Parker give her the low-down on the strenuous training they will need.

Andrea said...

How happy does Mr Flagboy look in that last picture huh?