Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's Tuesday and it's CRaZY over here at the CRaZY CoXeS!
Shocking!  I know!
I won't have to dig deep into my bag of randomness because it's all right here flowing out of the top!
And if you love RaNDoM - and who doesn't?  Get on over to The Un Mom and read some more!  And then really get CRaZY with it and post your own!

* Garrett got the fountain pen he's been dying for -
as an early birthday present.
Yesterday, he had his first calligraphy lesson.
Doesn't it remind you of third grade and practicing cursive?
He evidently learned that writing his brother's name is so much easier than his own.  I see FORGERY in the future!

*And speaking of forgery,  we had a problem with COMPUTER HACKING.
Those of you who are Facebook Friends with me can attend the trial as witnesses.
"Someone," or I should say "Someones" thought it was hilarious to hack into my FB account and change my status to " Gina is so happy her favorite son is home and loves TRAMMELL the best."  Then there was "Gina loves Parker more than the other two." and "Gina loves Garrett the most because he doesn't hack into her Facebook and change her status."  Finally there was a status about how I loved my brother the most.
The hacking was OUT OF CONTROL.
But now they are famous and immortalized over at Urban Dictionary.  I'm so proud!  I'll finish this part of the story tomorrow!

* Trammell is working furiously on setting up a Non-Profit Organization.
Gee, I could help with that!
I've been running this household for over 25 years and yet to turn a profit.

To his credit, he has registered the name, filed for a Federal Tax ID, written by-laws, filed with the Secretary of State, filed the E-whatever forms with the IRS and paid his fees.
Yea Trammell!
He is taking Parker's Eagle Scout Project a step further and creating an organization to provide eye exams and prescription glasses for third world countries.
He wanted to get as much of the initial "set up" taken care of before he leaves for school next week and starts classes.

* Parker starts school net week.
But it's like he started this week.
He is working on the Junior class Homecoming float every day - trying to get a headstart before school starts and everyone has to focus on.................school.
And then every night he is helping get everything ready for Freshman Orientation.

* Finally, there may be MURDER over here, or MAYHEM at the very least.
Garrett doesn't start school until Labor Day.
He is ready to go.
Not packed and ready to go.
Heavens no.
He is tired of me barking orders and making him work all day.  I'm a mean, mean mom.
I can't begin to tell you how horrible and guilty I feel.

* My life is hard. Almost tragic.
Besides being sentenced to living with criminals,
I am missing out on going to Cafe Rio tonight with girlfriends.
Sentence me to death!
I have a lacrosse board meeting.
I would ditch it, but then who would conduct?

Ahhh.....it's so freeing to get all of my troubles and woes out! ;)
Have a great TueSDaY - no matter how RaNDoM it may be!


Mama Badger said...

hooligans, every last one of them...

You need to update the side bar. Trammel is no longer in Cambodia;)

Christina said...

Criminals.... What kind of kids are you raising over there Gina!? I'm sure they would get along great with my junior criminals.

Don't forget to take some time for yourself and breathe.

valerie said...

You better get to know your local police chief better. I think you might be visiting him frequently with all the "criminals" you have running around. lol

valerie said...

P.S. I think that is awesome what Trammell wants to do!

Danelle said...

There's a Cafe Rio near you? I need the address!

And I am definitely keeping Trammel's organization in mind for youth service projects, future Eagle scout projects and that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...


Tiffany said...

and the girlfriends really missed you. I'm sorry you're so responsible. :)

Troop Scoop said...

I know you're just kidding; having such a full life is a wonderful thing, and I'm happy for you :)