Monday, December 7, 2009


So it turns out that it’s a blessing for all of us that my computer was “down” for more than a week! I’m dying to host the Best Ever Christmas 303rd or 304th Post Faux Give-Away ever and the timing couldn’t better!

These prizes are awesome! Remember when the Boy Scouts had their garage sale fund-raiser? I threw out salvaged all the really good stuff and am giving you the chance to win it in the faux give-away.

AND….it gets better! You can win not one but TWO prizes! Yes! It’s the season of giving. I am here to make your holiday shopping easier! The economy is bad, there is no time for shopping and I am such a GIVER! Go a prize for yourself AND a prize that you would like to present to someone else for Christmas.

Post your comment and let me know what you would like to win and then tell us which prize you would like to “regift” to whom. Winners will be announced Friday.

Close your eyes!

I’m organizing the prizes………………

One of my favorites:

The super sexy used leopard print thong. Mmmm…..Hmmmm……I could say so much.

Who donated this to a Boy Scout Garage Sale? Who would donate used lingerie to ANYTHING? I’ll stop because you know you want it!  There was a little black one too......but I kept that for myself.

This little gadget will make you the hostess with the mostest in 2010!

Start a party trend with your own Kabob-It. So it didn't go over real well in 1972.  What did they know? Just imagine your friends and family standing around the Kabob-It talking politics and religion while juicy pieces of lamb roast away.  The Kabob-it will make any get together a smashing success!

Are times a little tough around your place? Well, this next prize will see you through the long winter. Or you can add it to your food storage and you’ll feel secure, knowing you can feed a ½ a person ¼ of a meal in an emergency.

Yes, someone actually gave us a jar with ½ a cup of beans!?!  I'm not sure if the prize is the beans or the jar that it comes in.  It's like two gifts in one!

Want to look festive? Want to add a little pizzazz to your holiday look?

How about some used coral lipstick? Or how about used glitter mascara?

So it’s from the 1997 Estee Lauder Bonus Gift!

Who cares that it’s been used once or thirteen times?

There is still plenty of turquoise eye shadow to get through to the New Year. And if you aren’t exactly feelin this gift, your daughter, niece or sister-in-law will probably love 30 open and used lip glosses. I don’t know who donated them, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have cold sores.

And now, for the collector- Do you know someone who has tons of CD’s lying around? When you hop in the carpool to go to work, do you accidentally sit on or step on a dozen CD’s. Help your friends and family get organized! Give them 75 empty CD cases! Surprise them!

Many of the CD cases still have their covers and the little booklets with lyrics. Seriously, these are great! The only thing they are missing is the actual CD. So, this gift is kind of a bonus prize. They can organize the CD’s they already have into these sturdy plastic cases. OR, you never know, maybe they actually have the Dexie’s Midnight Runners CD and all they need is the case to put it in! Brilliant prize! I can’t believe people didn’t snap these babies up at the garage sale!

You probably already have a working cell phone. You probably already have a drawer of broken cell phones. Well, someone out there doesn’t! They brought 6 or 7 of these babies to the garage sale!

Who wouldn’t want to buy a five year old broken cell phone? This one can definitely be regifted to someone who maybe is a little afraid of technology…….like your grandma. Give her one of these – sorry no batteries, chargers or cell phone plans included. If she doesn’t know how to use it, it’s okay. It doesn’t work! She’ll just look cool with one hand on her walker and one hand holding a beautiful gold flip phone up to her ear. Also perfect stocking stuffer for two year olds!

And now, get ready to get your groove on!
You will look stunning at your New Year’s Eve party in …………

I just have visions of the winner salsaing the night away. I might have to keep them for myself.

Don’t you love cheesecake? Cherry cheesecake or turtle cheesecake or holiday pumpkin cheesecake….Let me help you with the holiday baking! I’m tasting the delectable holiday desserts already! You could win this!
Well, not this exactly. Someone gave us the flat pan part but NOT the springform part of the pan. So I guess you can’t really make anything unless you go to another garage sale and pick up the other half of the pan. There is nothing better than getting just part of a builds the anticipation for next year.

BUT you could use this as a deterrent to keep the pets out of the Christmas tree! Just throw it like Chinese star and decapitate the animal. Or combine it with the lid from a pot and use it as a cymbal in your very own Christmas Pageant. The shepherds played cymbals…right?  The options are endless!  This flat bottom tray/pan can make all your holidays dreams come true.

And finally……..the gift that keeps on giving.

You can self smart yourself! You’ll be a genius with this full partial set of the 1999 Encyclopedia Brittanica. Who cares if your knowledge is out-dated. You’ll be a brain on any topic from Mentage to Ottawa and Geomorphic to Immunity, but you pretty much sound like an idiot on anything from Immunochemistry to Unisexual.

You know what?  I'm feeling really generous.  I'll throw in the 1980 Webster's Dicitionary my husband stole from his parents before he went to college.  It's still sitting right here on our shelf......or should he return it?

Anyway..........happy FAUX GIVE-AWAY!  Enter early and enter often!


valerie said...

My gosh! So many gifts to choose from. Which one? Which one? Hmmm...I think I'll take the used sparkle mascara because I could use a nice eye infection right before Christmas and then I think the leapord, no I think I'd like to give the gift of kebobs to one lucky relative. Thanks for being so generous Gina! ;)

McMom said...

I already have a 1998 set of Encyclopedia Brittanicas in the basement. But I kind of like the shoes. My husband and I go as Donny and Marie for Halloween every 7-10 years and I think those shoes would be great as part of a Marie costume. Come to think of it, I kind of need the make-up for the Marie costume too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ;)

Melissa said...

I really, really want the Dexy's Midnight Runners booklet so I can finally find out what the real words to "Come On, Eileen" are. No, really. That's one of my favorite songs, but I have no idea what it says.

Guymons said...

I don't want any of those prizes! Thanks any way!

martyeaster said...

Can I have some butter? I got hosed at the last give away! Or maybe the amazing Kabober! I would give someone the half encyclopedia set cause I would want to see their face!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Please please please may I be the winner of the spring form pan bottom??? I need an indestructible Frisbee to use with the damb dog. She's eaten 5 plastic ones! No kidding you can see the colored plastic in her dodo.

H.K. said...

Oh, My -so much to choose from! I'll just let someone else win those prizes. And it's amazing that someone donated those the leopard thong to the Boy Scouts Garage Sale!