Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Tree, No Christmas Cards, But I Can Blog!

We all have our priorities!
It's RTT afterall.

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* Before I spew my Random, don't forget to sign up for the Bestest Ever Faux Giveaway!  (See yesterday's post.)  There are so many incredible gifts, people will be fighting in the streets for them!

* Okay, so the Christmas village is up.  I spent two days getting the bannister decorated.  Nativity scenes are up.  The fireplace is adorned.  And my dining room looks like a holiday crap cannon exploded in it.  There are baggies of berry garland and beads and glass balls and 1,000's of white twinkly lights (waiting to be tested) and Christmas platters and fall wreathes and bins of snowmen. I think I should get some plywood and just seal off that room.

* I always dread putting up the tree.  It's a 12 footer from the pre-pre-lit era.  So I get to put all the lights on the tree.  This tree is large and fairly unmanageable.  It never fails that I test the lights and take the perfectly working strand up to the top of the ladder.  Climb on the step that says, "This is NOT a step," and leaning into the tree for support, gingerly place the lights in a perfectly spaced out, even manner.  Then descending the tree to plug them in and grab the next strand..........."Voila!  Let there be...........not light."  Yeah the lights that worked perfectly at floor level are somehow out at 12" above floor level.  What the????  Lighting the tree always brings out the BEST in me.

* I think I'm skipping the whole Christmas card thing too.  Just not feelin' it.  But I like to receive cards, so keep me on YOUR list!

*Right now, it is 3 degrees outside my house in Denver.  Right now, it is 89 degrees outside Trammell's house in Battambang, Cambodia.  Hmmm....who are you more jealous of?

* I was feeling pretty proud of myself.  We received an email from the mission home in Phnom Penh that said, "Don't forget to mail your Christmas package soon.  The mail deadline for it to reach Cambodia is December 7th."  Duh!  I mailed my pre-Christmas package on October 30th and two real Christmas packages on November 5th.  But then, the next line invited us to send an extra Christmas gift for our son's companion - especially if the companion is Cambodian, because chances are, his family is Buddhist and he won't get ANY gifts!  EEEEEKKKKK!  Trammell's companion is currently American but things can change.  I ran right out and bought some gifts, wrapped them, crammed them in a padded envelope and scribbled a note to Trammell, "These are NOT for you! Put your companion's name on these, whoever it is on Christmas, and give these to him."  Phew!  Barely made the deadline!

* Don't laugh.  I went to two funerals yesterday and NEITHER was the one I was supposed to attend.  Yeah, I took off my long underwear and put on a skirt, went to the church and one funeral had just ended.....not the one I was supposed to attend.  A kindly person told me the next showing funeral was in an hour.  I did my grocery shopping.  I figured that with the temperature being around 7 degrees, anything I bought would be safe in the car for an hour or three, except the produce would freeze.  I went back to the church and it was packed!  There were a ton of policeman.  The kid who died was neither a criminal nor in law enforcement, so I was confused.  The mortuary man handed me a lovely memorial card.  Maybe if I quit staring at the emaciated saint making gang signs and turned it over, I would see that I was at Steve Gargan's funeral and he was 54, not 24.  I left.  So I never did get to the right funeral.  That darn Facebook!  I swear it said 1 pm.

* For Family Home Evening last night, I was in charge of the lesson.  A lot of families used the time to talk about the Christmas Spirit, or maybe being kind and loving and sharing.  Not me.  We talked about Sexting.  Unfortunately, Garrett was still eating his dinner.  He choked on his taco.  I'm kind of a straight forward girl.
So yeah - no opening pictures of naked people.  No answering Yes to TD?, SM? or RUH? <- That's Talk Dirty? Sex Message? and Are You Horny if you don't know the code.  Did you know you can get arrested for not just sending sex messages but for receiving them?  I don't agree with the receiving part, but it's true.  A teen in Ohio received 3 months for....some stupid charge...and he didn't send a single message.  But he sure didn't mind opeing them.  So that was our lesson last night.  Maybe next week we'll talk about being kind and not too loving.

* Who cares about Tiger Woods?  I don't want to hear another s.i.n.g.l.e. word about an overpaid sports star with absolutely zero morals who idiots worship. Not one word.

*That about wraps up my RTT.  I'm thinking about playing out my "man against nature" fantasies and putting on boots and gloves and going somewhere. 

Happy Tuesday!


Kim said...

they have CRAZY AFN commericals on SEXTING.... the kids have every line memorized. If it can be proved that the sexting was sent or recieved DURING class time.. the school is able to enforce .. sexual harassment.

valerie said...

I bet your tree is beautiful after you get all your goodies on. You must share pictures of the final project. Happy decorating! :)

CaJoh said...

I typically have the entire strand wrapped around a piece of cardboard. That, in turn is plugged into the outlet. I can then roll out the lights on the tree much like you do unrolling a rug. When it comes time to put the lights away, I reverse the process. Makes for easier checking of the lights as well.

Thank you for your randomness,

Mama Badger said...

PB is like CaJoh. He puts the lights away very carefully each year. It is magical how they go out between the ground and 12 feet ,though. Maybe it's your altitude? (he he he)

The whole sexting thing is just beyond me. Do kids today have absolutely no common sense?

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I know you said "don't laugh" and funerals are certainly not a funny matter, but well, I laughed. :)

Also, speaking of Tiger Woods (who i also don't care about...) Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn't decide between a wood and an iron. Perhaps Tiger should be using a driver?

tee hee hee...

Aliceson said...

I'm working on our tree today too. So far all of our lights work, but for how long?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I was going to say something but you threw me witht he whole 'sexting' thingy.

Oh yes! I just took down my not one but two (TWO) Halloween decorations yesterday (Pumpkins still on the front step though...)

Are you proud of me or what? ;)

McMom said...

I know someone who once gave her sons a lesson on putting down the toilet seat, so there's an idea for next week.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Cajoh and Mama Badger, we do the same thing here with all the lights carefully organized. How do they go from working to not working while in a box from year to year?

Kerri - Good one, I will be repeating that to anyone who will listen!

Andrea - Yes, I am proud of you and thanks for making me feel better!

McMom - It's too late! I could give that lesson every week.

otin said...

I heard that they were getting snow by the foot in Colorado! I hope that everything is ok?

I am not feeling the decorating or cards either. I think it is all financial.

H.K. said...

After hearing about your 7 degree weather, I should stop complaining about our 20 degree weather! I always love reading your random Tuesdays-they're always entertaining & I'm sick of hearing about Tiger Woods too!

Design it Chic said...

Oooo sounds like your house is all decked up for Christmas! And i was so lazy sending out cards too, yet i did it, and i did it early just to make sure they get to people in time.
Happy Randomness