Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's Random Thought Tuesday - Christmas Style.
My thoughts are random and my thoughts are all about Christmas.

Really.........what did you expect?

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 I swear I have Christmas ADHD
I cannot start AND complete a single Christmas task -

*I will wrap 3 presents and get bored.
I'll leave the wrapping room and come back 45 minutes later....
but I've got to change wrapping papers frequently!

*I can only hang 10 ornaments on the tree at a time and then have to go do something else and come back.
At least I finished the tree!

*I've made the same shopping list 10 times and left it in random places all over the house.

*I will make a big deal about going to the store to buy picture frames, but not check the sizes of the photos before I go.  As a result, I have returned the frames once already and still have the wrong size.

* Why can't ONE store have EVERYTHING I need?  I don't want to go to Borders AND Barnes & Noble.  Or Costco & Sam's.  Or Target & WalMart.  Well, I don't want to go to WalMart ever.

* Oh and my SIL and coined a phrase a few Christmas' ago and it still comes in handy.  Here's our conversation:
One of us - "Hey, I'm at Target, do you need anything?"
The other - "Ummmm...no...except do they sell handguns there?"
One of us - "Nope, but if they did, I'd get you one.  Because...NOTHING SAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS LIKE A HANDGUN!"

* The hubs was up yakking on a bone last night.
I hope he doesn't have an intestinal virus that he plans on passing around.
But what could he have gotten food poisoning from?
He had a bowl of Super Sugar Crisp and toast for dinner, while the rest of us had greasy tacos with all the toppings.
While everyone else was nestled in their beds with visions of sugarplums,
he wasn't.
2:37, 3:54, 5:15.......
Poor guy!

* It is supposed to snow tonight and into tomorrow!  Yea snow!!!!  Bring it!

* My little brother and his family arrived in London this morning to celebrate Christmas with my other little brother and his family who LIVE there.  I hate them!

* I'm done.  I have to go make a list and misplace it and then go to six stores and buy the wrong stuff.

Happy RaNDoM!


valerie said...

Sorry the hubby is sick. I hope he doesn't pass it around. That sure would be the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving. I hear ya on the list thing too. I have a million of them and still manage to forget something on it when I go to the store. Happy holidays!

Raven said...

I've given up on making shopping lists-I always lose them or forget them.

LOL I do the same thing with the picture frames.

I agree, why can't one store have everything?!? I hate having to go to 6 different stores-which I have to do tomorrow. I don't care for Wal Mart either.

Love the 'Nothing says Merry Christmas like a handgun!' That's hilarious!

Merry Christmas!

H.K. said...

The more I read your blog, the more I find we have in common because I got Christmas ADHD too!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Mama Badger said...

It's hard to check the list twice if you keep losing it, huh?

Christmas is the time for ADHD. You're in good company (with the rest of the world...)

Shirley said...

My problem is I'm not satisfied with some of the gifts I've bought. I'm now on the third doll for Sarah. The first one's been taken back. Will have to return another one after Christmas. Last year, son-in-law gave us all the gift of the flu. Hope no one is "regifting" this year.

Captain Dumbass said...

Oh, thank you for "Nothing says Xmas..." I busted a gut over that one.

Stacy said...

Thank you, thank you for giving a name to my Christmas condition--Christmas ADHD! It's so true! Hope everyone else manages to stay well. Merry Christmas!