Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Can't Be RANDOM When All I Want to Do is Whine!

Is it Tuesday?
I usually LOVE Random Thought Tuesday, but today, I'm feeling more like Random WHINE Tuesday.
I'll try to control myself.

You can play along!
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* Whine #1 - The Computer Wizard came over yesterday afternoon and fixed the computer.  Yippee!  Last night, I was reading one of your blogs and the screen just went black.  The end!
I doubt the Computer Wizard will take my calls today.

* Garrett FINISHED his college applications TWO WHOLE DAYS before the deadline (today).  Amazing!  I almost fell off my bed laughing when I read his essays.  Seriously, he used the term "financial oblivion."  I also the saw the word "fuel" and "illumination."

* Whine #2 - In order to use the computer for all of the important stuff I have to do - blog, check Facebook, okay, write Trammell and pay bills, I have to go to Brian's office.  Yeah, we have other computers, but......
The kids' is a mess and I can't use laptops.  Don't ask. Just go with me.  I have to drive over to Brian's office to use the computer. 

* So Garrett survived the whole wisdom teeth removal.  He had his teeth pulled Tuesday afternoon.  Tuesday night, he was trying to make a reservation for one at the local chinese restaurant for Thanksgiving.  He was really put out when they told him they were closed.  He ate wings on Wednesday, played in the Turkey Bowl on Thursday, ate all day, ran a 5K on Saturday.   He never had any swelling or pain.  Pretty incredible!

* Whine #3 - I haven't put up ANY Christmas decorations. (except for my Christmas village - that's up)  Yeah, I need to get on that.

* Even though we went shopping Friday afternoon, I don't really consider that Black Friday shopping.  It was AFTERNOON.  Black Friday shopping is getting up and getting in line at Walmart for the 5 am opening.  A couple of years ago, the outlet mall opened at midnight on Thanksgiving.  I went.  It was pretty fun.  But I was ticked when this year, they moved their opening to 10 pm.  Is nothing sacred?  How about the fact that Old Navy opened at NOON on Thanksgiving?  RIDICULOUS!  Was I just whining there?

* Trammell received his Pre-Christmas package last week.  Go ahead.  Nominate me for Mom of the Year!  I am so good!  I took a flat rate priority box and stuffed it with an 18" Christmas tree, BATTERY powered Christmas lights (I'm brilliant!), ornaments galore, two chocolate advent calendars, two felt stockings, glitter fabric paint to decorate the stockings, Christmas candy and a miniature nativity. 

* You know what would make everything all better?  A cookie.  Or a cupcake.

* The Computer Wizard called.  I'm taking the computer to him.  Then he can spend all day messing with it.  He did mention that he checked my anti-virus software and there were some "things" (my word, he said some coputerese word) quarantined and that there had been 426 attacks on the computer in....I'm not a very good listener....  Anyway - quit attacking me!

Well, that's it.  I have to go do what I came to do!
Happy RTT!


I am Harriet said...

I have a laptop that goes blank. guess it's time to get a new one. Sure with computers would last as long as TVs.
Have a great RTT!

Mama Badger said...

I'm with you on the "no retail on Thanksgiving" thing. Now, go have some chocolate. Sounds like a rough day.

valerie said...

Bummer about the computer. Hopefully computer guy will be able to restore it soon. I agree about black friday being crazy with the hours. Although I do admit that I did a little BF shopping on thursday morning. AFTER the turkey was in of course! :) Now go have a cupcake.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Cupcakes make the world go round Gina, just keep repeating that to yourself. And sample as often as neccesary :)

Okay so I am going to take a guess on the college apps. Did he reference Slim Jims? Cause with that included it could be ivy league material right there.

Raven said...

That so sucks about your computer! I hope the Computer Wizard gets it up and running very soon.

That's awesome that Garret weathered having his wisdom teeth so well! I was in pain for days and days after mine.

I haven't put up any decorations either. Nor have I started my shopping yet.

Battery operated lights? You are brilliant!!

Have a great weekend!