Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Any self-respecting blogger would insist on some recompense.
What does that say about me?

But I don't care!
I'm throwing pride to the wind!

I am sooooo excited, I just have to tell you about this fantastic product that will change your life and make you thinner, sexier and richer look around the house for things to clean.

I’m NOT lying. Anyone who has stopped by my house in the last few weeks has been tortured by treated to a demonstration. And everyone I’ve talked to on the phone has been privileged to hear about it.

When I first saw the commercial, I immediately thought, “I gotta get me some of that.”

It is sooooo cool! You spray out this way cool neon blue foam and as it works, it turns white….letting you know that it is done and you can rinse it off. All you have to do is rinse it off. No scrubbing.

I ran right out to get some. I looked at four stores and couldn’t find it. I’m so ahead of my time. It’s BRAND NEW. It’s not in stores yet. I finally found it at Target.

I snatched up a can (sorry – didn’t notice the price in my excitement) and hurried home to try it out on my worst cleaning nightmare: Garrett’s shower!

Now, I’m not so stupid as to believe that it would require NO effort on my part.

I sprayed and immediately fell in love with the cool blue foam. Who wouldn’t? It has a really strong, clean odor….like you may want to spray just a mist in the bathroom and make people THINK you cleaned. But then, people might slip on the foam.

Anyway, I seriously was pretty impressed by the job it did on Garrett’s tub. I think he cleaned it semi recently, but he cleaned it like a boy would, a teen boy………a half assed job. I sprayed, waited for it to turn white and then wiped it off with a paper towel. Amazing!

For fun, I resprayed and waited and then scrubbed and the tub looks new! I was so excited and having sooo much fun with the blue foam and sniffing the clean, chemically smell in close quarters that I sprayed down all the walls of his shower and had a hey dey.

Just typing this, I’m wondering if his shower is dirty again and I can go play in the blue foam. I guess I could do my own shower, but it’s not nearly as dirty and I’ll just get “great” results, not “miraculous.”

Well, I’m so excited just writing about it, I’m going to go find something to clean!

Go get your own can at a store near you!


martyeaster said...

I think you may need to open a window just in case the fumes are getting to you, jk. IF you want you can come use the blue foam on my bathrooms I know they need it.

valerie said...

Hey I have a kids bathroom you can come demonstate on. They try but their idea of clean is....let's just say it's not real pretty. Does it work on tile? I may have to get me some of that.

Amy said...

Do you think this fantastic product is safe for a 9 year old to use? He does a horrible job cleaning the bathroom. I end up having to clean it after him, but if he could clean it properly the first time I'd never have to clean a bathroom again, well until he goes off to college. I'm sure by then though Alan would be able to take up the cleaning of the bathrooms.

Don and Kelley said...

I love Kaboom. I am going to try this foam now! If just for the color alone!

The Crazy Coxes said...

It is tempting to come to your houses with my Kaboom foam. Really!

I am 100% for child labor!
I would make sure your children a) work in a well ventilated area and b) don't use more than necessary.

Melissa said...

I just saw a commercial for this. Our shower is in need of serious help. Perhaps I'll go get me some. Or you can come over and demonstrate. But when you see how dirty my shower is, you won't want to be my friend any more.

Shirley said...

Very cool! Will have to try it - and if it doesn't clean, at least I can write cute notes on my shower wall.

Kim said...

kaboom lovers here!! i need to try the FOAM now!!

kys said...

I will put this on the grocery list. Any product that does not require scrubbing is a must have.