Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? 
Are your cards mailed?
Of course, your decorations are up and your house is festive.

We're having a few problems with festive decoration at our house. Hmmmmm...

The bannister is decorated:

The dining room is festooned:

The village enthralls visitors young and old:

The various Nativity scenes are in their places:

The stockings are not quite hung:

And the tree......the tree....the tree....

It goes right where the chair is.  But it's not there. 

I'm not quite sure when it will get there, much less when it will get decorated.  How about we just pile the gifts on the chair?  or around the chair?  Do we REALLY need a tree?

My mom calls every day and asks, "Did you put the tree up yet?"  She couldn't care less about the tree. 

She's pretty positive that I will step on that last rung of the ladder that says, "Step here and DIE" and then fall into the tree and both the tree and I will crash through the window

and onto the hot tub 2 1/2 stories below.

It could happen.  It's actually not that far fetched.
We just got a new hot tub cover last week, so that would be bad!


valerie said...

Love your Christmas decor. I am a bit disappointed though Gina, that you don't have your tree up. Tsk Tsk Tsk. ;)

Stephdeezy said...

You know you could just come take a tree from my house. My dad got the genius idea to put two trees up. Como que two? Ha ha However at the time you do decide to put up the tree i'd make sure your last will and testament is in know just in case ;) or that you take the hot tub cover off. One or the other!

Shirley said...

Who needs a tree anyway? Everything else is beautiful.

Raven said...

What beautiful decorations!!