Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Super Duper Super Ball

To My Brother –

On Christmas Eve, more than 30 years ago,
you slept on the floor of my bedroom. We
stayed up late sharing Christmas secrets.

I told you that you were getting a gigantic
superball that could bounce 50 feet in the

The next morning, you opened all of your
presents and you were a little bit dis-
appointed that you didn’t really get the

Super Duper Super Ball.
But I didn’t lie. You just didn’t get it THAT
year. May all your Christmas dreams come
true – if not this year, then eventually!
Your Sister


siobhan said...

i popped a ceiling tile out of place at walmart with one of those two weeks ago. berek didn't believe i had done it because hello! that ball couldn't really bounce THAT high. we quickly switched aisles when the second tile was popped out. :(

it does bounce that high and is totally worth a 30 year wait.

Raven said...

Aaaw that's sweet. And funny. It sounds like you and your brother are close.

Have a Happy New Year!

kys said...

That was so sweet. It must be nice to be close to your sibling.

Kim said...

ok my SON MUST HAVE one!!