Friday, December 4, 2009


Who would have thought that everyone would have so much to say about laundry detergent?
I mean really!

I really appreciate all of your input! 
I have now gone to three stores and stared at all of the laundry detergent and then left empty handed.
I went to Target and actually took a few brands off of the shelf and smelled the.

Let's be honest.  Who cares if the clothes are clean?
I just want clothes that smell good.
And with sweaty, smelly boys - that's a tall order!

Anyway, I chose a detergent (for now.)
I'm committed to 64 loads (20ish days) of Tide Liquid HE.
Yep - the same stuff I've used for 14 years.
Nope it doesn't really smell good.
And nope it doesn't really get clothes that clean - at least not the whites.
But that can probably be attributed to my stupid washing machine.

Oh and this is a "fake" post.
My computer is STILL not up and running.
I have to go to my husband's office to blog.
How pitiful it that?

Cross your fingers that my computer will be up and running by Monday!
I have a lot to tell you:
like about the Boneheads,
or about my tantrum over skimpy garland at the fourth store I looked at,
or about Trambodia,
or my Christmas preparations or lack thereof,
or how I've broken the new "no texting while driving" law every single day since it came to be on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Jenn said...

I know what you mean about that clean smell of clothes. I used to used a lavender/vanilla scented detergent and softener when I was single. My clothes would come out smelling soo good! Josh wouldn't have any of that, so I opted for the less girly smelling stuff.

kys said...

I love the smell of clean laundry. I hope your computer gets fixed soon.

valerie said...

Hope your computer gets fixed soon! I'm having withdrawls from no bonehead stories. lol

Kim said...

im dispointed... you went with the same ole stuff??? gina? wheres the fun in that?