Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas and Random Thoughts!

Don't you love RTT?
If you've never played, go on over and see Keely at The Unmom, grab her button and link up.

*I’m starting to get excited.
I will really be excited when school gets out on Friday.
School really gets in the way of fun
And life really should be all about fun and sleeping, and eating, and doing nothing.

*Today, Margaret and I are putting together the teacher gifts –
All 300 of them.
Tomorrow, we will take them to the school and distribute our holiday cheer.

*I’ve been making cookies.
Saturday, I made Pecan Tassies – little miniature pecan tarts.
Yesterday, I made those peanut butter blossoms…….you know, the ones with the Hershey Kiss on top. Except Margaret wouldn’t let me make them with the kisses.
She insisted on driving over with a bag of these

So they would be prettier.

And they are prettier and life is all about prettier.

*The tree is about 1/3 decorated.
The coffee table is about 110% decorated with a couple hundred ornaments.

*I am going to Brian’s office today to address his business Christmas cards.
This is the reason I can’t send our own personal Christmas cards.
Not really, but it sounds like a good excuse.
So don’t stand by your mailbox waiting, but do send me one of your cards! ;)

Should I start wrapping presents yet?

I should probably finish shopping.

* Every single year about this time, I find myself saying, "If I only had ONE MORE WEEK, I could be totally organized and ready.  EVERY YEAR!

Oh well.
Happy Random Tuesday!


Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

The cookies look so cute!!!!! It IS all about cute!!!

I am Harriet said...

Wow- you are busy! That's a lot of holiday spirit.
Have fun :)

valerie said...

Hurry up with that tree already! ;) Yum. Peanut butter blossoms. Send me your address and I'll send you a Christmas card. :)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

{wiping drool off chin} I haven't eaten breakfast yet (that yogurt does not count) and it's about noon. I could do with some of those cookies though. PLease send them to:
Blogging Mama
Candy Cane Lane
Desperate for Chocolate, PA

Many thanks!

I don't have single decoration up let alone a tree. But the pumpkin is on the front porch, awesome huh? (I'm pretty sure I aleady said that this week but oh well. Maybe one day I'll actually do something about it).

Happy Random Tuesday!

Mama Badger said...

Ah, at our house the tree is up with lights, but not a single ornament. It's mocking me with it's lights...

Send an address and you'll get a card. I promise. That's how my card list goes these days.

And then you can use the return address to send some of those tassies my way. Or to stalk me. Hmmm, this could turn out not the way I planned.

Lauren said...

I, too, am down with RTT. Yeah, you know me.

Design it Chic said...

OOo the Pecan Tassies look great! I bet they taste good too:) Lucky kids:)
Have an awesome day! Here's my Randomness!!!