Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Fun NEVER Ends

Last night, the boys were home for 15 1/2 seconds between lacrosse practice and youth group.  While they were shoveling dinner into their mouths, I told them about all of the GREAT ideas my blogging friends had for Pengy (see yesterday's post if you don't know who/what Pengy is).

Me: "Someone suggested that maybe we could put Pengy out in the garden.  You know - like a garden gnome."
Garrett: What?  No way!  He never deserves to be in the dirt surrounded by flowers."
Parker: "Yeah, Garrett, whoever suggested that probably just said that so that they can come by and steal it!  Don't fall for it."
Garrett: "Seriously!  That thing belongs in the Louvre."

To his credit, he DID pronounce Louvre correctly.

After dinner, they had still had 5 seconds left before they had to leave for the next event.  Why would they spend any free time getting homework done when they can do this -
What?  You don't know what they are doing?  Here's snippets of their conversation:
"Dude, watch me catch this Mike and Ike. I'm pro."
"The rule is, you have to throw it up and have it hit the ceiling and then catch it in your mouth.
"Okay, back up.  Back up.  I'll throw it OVER the balcony and into the family room.  Go in there and catch it."

"Dude you stink!  Now, you throw it UP to me and I'll catch it."
"Now turn on the fan.  Throw it over the fan and I'll still catch it."

That is when I intervened and kicked them out of the house.
I am SOOOO proud.  My kids are so talented.


Stephdeezy said...

Credit due where credit is least you can sleep well knowing his vocabualry isn't suffering. However obvious it may be to us one must be reminded that one mans trash is another mans treasure. Well I think that could be said about Pengy. Besides the dirt would give him personality :)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

What talent!!?????????
Post about our Friday Field Trip. I need a laugh.

H.K. said...

Your boys are HILARIOUS and talented too! :0)