Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY!
Go on over to Keely's at The Unmom and pic up this purple button and play along.

* It's Groundhog Day.  What a stupid holiday!  Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and there will be six more weeks of winter.
1) We haven't even had much a winter here...so there better be some winter coming!
2) Why does this take place in Pennsylvania?  What makes them such good prognosticators?
3) Duh, Spring doesn't start until March, so of course there are 6 more weeks of winter.
4) Of course he saw his shadow - there were TV crews with lights and it was like 5 in the morning.
5) And why are we using a groundhog?  The holiday started (kinda) in Europe with a badger.  Don't we have any prognosticating badgers?

* Oscar nominations came out and I haven't seen ONE of those nominated for Best Movie.  I own "Up" but have never watched it.  In fact, I haven't seen ANY of the movies nominated for anything.  Am I totally out of touch?

* I think it's funny that Johnny Weir (the Olympic ice skater) took the fox fur off his costume and now Peta is all happy.  THE FOX IS STILL DEAD, PEOPLE!  There is no cause for celebration!  Just because he took the 6 inches of fur off his costume, the fox didn't magically come  back alive.  It doesn't right all the animal wrongs.  And hey, who is to say that Johnny's costume designer didn't just go up to the neighborhood foxhole and ask Mr. Fox if he couldn't just give him a little shave and "borrow" the fur.  Yeah, the fox didn't get killed, it got a little trim so Johnny could get a little trim.......wait, I'm stopping right there.

* Thursday!  Thursday is the big day for BONEHEAD #2 (on the right)
gets his mission call!  That means he finds out WHERE he is going to go on his mission and WHEN he will leave!  He is at BYU and will skype home when he receives it and when he opens it.  We're going over to his house because 1) he says we're his 2nd parents and 2) his mom wants Garrett to run the whole skype operation.  We've assured it's not that hard.......but she's worried.  We're all pretty excited!

* I took Mr. Chunkers (my nephew) to his first birthday party.
He was unimpressed.  It took a little while for him to warm up to the idea.
Even the birthday girl was unimpressed.  (Don't you love the crown?  I need to get me one of those, but without the age plastered on it!)  How cute are they?????
Mr Chunkers didn't even try the cake.  But after seeing this, can you blame him?
* Next Tuesday is the BIG performance of a life time!!!!  Bonehead #1 will be playing his violin in the school talent show.  Here he is in PART of his costume.
Yes, that IS a white on white seersucker jacket.  Are you wondering what else he will be wearing with that jacket?  What you should be more worried about, is what he will be PLAYING while wearing that jacket.  If I tell you that he will be wearing NO SHIRT under the jacket, does that give away that he probably won't be playing any Beethoven or Bach?  Oh, you just wait!

* I've exhausted myself.  It's time to go eat cookies for breakfast.  Today - homemade snickerdoodles!  I love my life!

Happy Random!


I am Harriet said...

I think it's pretty unanimous that Ground Hogs day is stupid.

Have a great Tuesday!

valerie said...

LOL! Your random today brought many laughs today Gina. I agree, what's up with the groundhog? He knows nothing!

Anonymous said...

LOL - we WERE on the same wavelength with the whole groundhog/PETA thing, weren't we?

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

I love that you call your boys Bonehead #1 and #2. Seems fitting for all teenage boys. LOL!

I totally agree on the Ground Hog thing - why are we paying attention to damn rodents?

Have a great day!

Laufa said...

I'm not impressed with Phil either.
You should watch Up, I cried and the movie was unexpectedly good.
Poor kids, they don't know how to party yet is all.
Peta people are rediculous. They need to go after badly run chicken houses and meat markets, not the stupid stuff in the headlines.
Wow your Boneheads have a lot going on and I am intrigued. They sound like total opposites.
Thanks for stopping by.

Miss Angie said...

Oh my goodness, that is SO funny about the fur, and SOOOO true too! hahaha!

Terra H. said...

Regardless of what the groundhog sees, spring is still six weeks away. Either way, I'm so over winter. I'm ready for some sunshine and flowers.
Good luck to your boy on the violin part. That takes a lot of talent to play the violin. I played the flute in school. Learned to play 'Ode to Joy', then gave up.
My son got 'Up' for Christmas. All of the kids have seen it, but I still have yet to. I have a bad habit of buying DVDs and not watching them.
Happy RTT!

Ginny Marie said...

Snickerdoodles for breakfast? You're my kind of gal!

Mr. Chunkers is an adorable chunk! I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks!

Thanks for coming to visit me over at Lemon Drop Pie!

Raven said...

I never even watch the groundhog day coverage. It's pointless. Here in MN we always have six more weeks of winter.

I had no idea Oscar nominations came out. I've been living under a rock.

Your nephew is so cute!! So is the birthday girl. How fun!

Have a great Tuesday!

McMom said...

I'm just wondering if the violin performance will give my violin playing son something to aspire to?

Cassie said...

Now you have intrigued me. A seersucker jacket with no shirt to play..... Hmm

Mrsbear said...

Snickerdoodles for breakfast?! I'm there.

I don't get the whole thing with the groundhog, but then again, down here it's more like we just have one continuous season of humid, save for a few brief days in January when temps drop in to the forties.

I'd feel better if the groundhog had a meteorological background. ;)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Love the Jacket! Can't wait to see it with the necklace! Don Johnson!!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

You're gonna video the performance right? Tell him all your blogging friends are wondering if he's playing the theme to Miami Vice, {snicker snicker}.

{amy} said...

Oh my goodness the party pooopers on here! I love Groundhog day because every stinking year we watch the movie and it is so dang funny. A great movie!! You need to watch. With cookies. Then thank the groundhog for jazzing up a dreary winter day. :)

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!