Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When's National DONUT Day?

 with Keely at The Unmom.
Get on over there and join up!

But first!
* It's National Bagel Day.
What?  If there's a National Bagel Day, there's got to be the the even better DONUT DAY and the most important National CUPCAKE DAY!
And who decides it's National Anything day?
Brueggers Bagel's declared February 9th National Bagel Day (of course they did.)
I'm researching................
Thank heavens.......the world is not completely off its axis.
National Donut Day is the first Friday in June.  Mark your calendars!
Wait.......what the????
National Cupcake Day was January 5th? or February 1st?  February 5th?  or last October 18th???
What kind of friends are YOU that you didn't even TELL ME?

Much less bring CUPCAKES over????
December 15th was National Lemon Cupcake Day?

* Today is trash day.
Don't you hate it when you get the BRILLIANT idea (because the pickles just fell out) to clean your refrigerator the day AFTER trash day.
Well, I'm way ahead of the game.
I'm going to clean the refrigerator out today BEFORE the trash man comes (if I finish blogging in time - because I've got my priorities)

* Today is the BIG day.  The BIG BIG day!
Tonight is "Grandview's Got Talent" at the high school.
And while that is arguable, Garrett is performing tonight!
Get ready!!!  You won't want to miss it.
We'll see if we can find someone who can video it AND upload it.
But I'll let you in on the performance.
So remember that white blazer I showed you last week?
He's wearing that......with white pants, white shoes (with gold dragons), a white hat, white sunglasses and a "tribal" (his words, not mine) necklace.
Oh.......you didn't hear me say anything about a shirt?
There's no shirt.

He and a friend are playing the violin and viola.
They start out with a recognizable boring song and then break into a medley of 8 hip hop songs.
I think the "no shirt" and sunglasses kind of give THAT away.

* At the dress rehearsal, Garrett was on one side of the stage and a random girl (that means I don't know her) was on the other.
She called out, "Garrett what do you have on?"
He posed to show her his jacket.
She asked, "No, under your jacket.  What's on under your jacket?"
He parted his white seersucker jacket like the Red Sea.....to reveal....nothing.
She says warily, "You have a brown T-shirt on?"
THAT'S how dark his skin is. (for a white boy)

* Why do I keep getting email titled, "You Wheelchair Kit is Ready"?

* I emailed my friends yesterday and told them,
If I EVER see you in these -

I will DISOWN you!  And I WILL!
Pajama Jeans!!!!!!!
Have you seen the commercial?
This is worse than Armageddon!  These are WORSE than the pink velour sweats with "JUICY" on the a**.
What's the world coming to?

I better go get that refrigerator cleaned out!
Happy Tuesday!
Never mind the refrigerator - the love of my life just called and he has a Chocolate Twist and a Maple Cake waiting for me at his office.  Gotta run!
Like I said, I HAVE my priorities!


I am Harriet said...

Bagel day? Wish I would have known that before I ate breakfast.

Have a great RTT

Everyday Goddess said...

I think it's a stellar idea to have so many National Cupcake Days.

We're supposed to clean out the refrigerator?

Who knew?

Everyday Goddess said...

No Followers gadget?

valerie said...

I think we should plan a big ole get together for National Donut Day in June. I think I better check out this National Day calendar thing. Who knows what other cool days I've been missing!

Small Town Mommy said...

Happy Bagel Day! How are you celebrating. I think a bagel-shaped cupcake would be perfect.

Good luck to Garrett in the talent show. It sounds like he is going to rock!

I totally want pajama jeans. I hate wearing pants.

Terra H. said...

Good luck to your son in the talent show. Sounds like he's got a great performance. I'm soooo in for National Doughnut Day.

Mama Badger said...

I'll send all sorts of cute swooning girl thoughts your way for Garret in the talent show. Because that's what he's after right? The chicks? Nobody plays a violin (or viola) with no shirt on for his mom, right?

We've had cupcakes every day since Saturday. That's what happens when you turn 2, I guess.

I will now leave to go look up pajama jeans. I'm curious, that's all.

Jenn said...

While you're looking into national holidays, can you let me know if there's a National Bacon Day, National Sam's No. 3 Breakfast Day, or a National Santiago's breakfast burrito day? I definitely need to mark my calendar!

Allison Williams said...

I'm pretending its June and am going to eat a doughnut!!

Stephdeezy said...

I am selfish. I knew all about Lemon Cupcake day...but like we have come clean about recently, we hoard and keep things to ourselves. We must savour the moments we don't have to share in the love of these days ;) Besides pretty much every day in your year is cupcake day, isn't it? Ha ha Also what the tuna?! Who would buy pajama clothes...I saw an add for brajamas the other day. I think that lady may have something?? But I'm still trying to figure out the difference between loungewear and pajamas? You'd think that given its name it is a pajama but they call it loungewear. Alright already I'll quit writing and leave it to the pro.

Katherine said...

Pajama jeans? I get out of my jeans to put on my pajamas...why would I want to feel dressed for the day? Crazy!

Bagel Day...maybe that's why I was craving and had to have a bagel this morning. It surely had nothing to do with the cream cheese I love so much!

Anonymous said...

My youngest has been wearing pajama jeans for ages. Okay, yes - they're REAL jeans that I can't get him to take off at bedtime, but still.

I want National Someone Send a Maid Over to Jan's House Day. About once a week.

Who do I see for that?

Jan from the Sushi Bar

Javan said...

Sigh. I am dying a little bit inside because I will miss the performance tonight. I would so much rather be watching Garrett turn the hip hop world on its ear tonight (violin AND viola!) than conducting 100 kids with noisemakers in their hands. Garrett promised me that it would be all over youtube, so I am living for that right now.
Not too long ago, it was national doughnut MONTH - at least according to King Soopers. Like I need an excuse...

Tracie said...

If we have another snow day tomorrow I'm telling my kids it's national Stop Screaming Day. And you get put on The Naughty List forever if you don't follow the no screaming rule.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I saw those pajama jeans , ick ick, I nearly threw up (but not in my mouth because I HATE that phrase).

Please find someone with video of Garrett, I mean really, pretty please I'll give you a donut and a cupcake. I think a Miami Vice boy doing hip hop will be hilarious :)

Did you know they (used) to have Brueggers Bagels here? Like way back in 97 when I was a young thing and used to go there on my lunch break? Yum E.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

When I'm really on my game, I clean out the fridge every week on the day before trash day.
I'm going to be beating down the doors of Krispy Kreme on donut day!!
I don't even understand pajama jeans, what on earth are they??