Friday, February 19, 2010


It's Friday!
Nothing is better than Friday!

I celebrating Friday with Mrs 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin Time.
You can to!  Go check her out, grab the button and defragment yourself!
* I am banned from watching the Olympics.
I'm too emotional.
I cry when someone bites it on the half pipe.
I cry when someone does really well on the half pipe.
I cry when the/any national anthem is played.
I cry when they show the parents of the athletes.
And then I cry when they cut to the Proctor & Gamble ad with all the little kids as mini Olympians.
I've won a gold metal for being overwrought!

* We are finally getting some snow here!
Come on!  It's Denver!  We're supposed to have snow pretty regularly.  I want to wear snow boots!
The east coast and the south has gotten all of OUR snow.
But, I predicted this would happen.
Yep - it's been a mild winter and NOW that the lacrosse season starts Monday......we can't see our grass.
I'm going to go buy some MORE long underwear.......since I wore mine nearly everyday last year from February to April.

* Years ago, I read a book (can't remember which one) by Barbara Kingsolver.
I didn't like it AT ALL.   Pretty much, I hated it.
But that was years ago.
I decided to be mature and give her a second chance.
I just finished The Poisonwood Bible.
Okay, I read to page 537 out of 543.
Guess what - even older and wiser - I don't like her writing.

* I HATE rebates!
The hubs bought a new Sonicare toothbrush with a $20 rebate.
The man at the store printed out the extra receipt, the form and gave us EVERYTHING we would need.
We came home, cut out the UPC, put everything in an envelope and mailed it -THAT DAY.
Just got an email saying that our rebate is invalid because - 2 or 3 pack brush UPC missing.
WHAT does that mean?
I'll take a stab at it.
They are right - the 2 or 3 pack brush UPC IS missing because that's not the rebate we are asking for.  That's not what we bought!
And now they want us to send in the original UPC.
Well.........they HAVE it. I'm fresh out of original UPC's.
I'll just call the number.  I'll just email them back.  Oh wait......there IS no number.  The email came from a no-reply address.
Isn't THAT convenient.
I don't think I want to be there when Brian marches into the store with the used toothbrush and no box and demands his money back.  Or maybe I do.

Well that's about it.
I have a list a mile long of "to do's" including -
finding housing and forging his name on a contract at BYU for when Trammell gets home from his mission,
helping Garrett to register for classes that he is guaranteed to get A's in for the summer session at college,
finding plane tickets to Cambodia,
and partying in general.

Happy Weekending!


Don and Kelley said...

Gina, you can come to Vegas and cry with me. I cry through the whole Olympics too. In fact my husband is grateful they are only every two years. (Yes, I watch the summer games too!) As a former figure skater, last night was awesome!

valerie said...

Argh on the rebate thing! When is Trammell coming home? Sounds like maybe soon? How exciting!

Christy said...

You can have the snow back! I didn't want it anyway...that's why I live in the south :-). I cry everytime that P&G commercial comes on too! Have a good weekend!

Prairiemaid said...

I am so sorry we took your snow....really, really, I am!!!

Fortunately, this week we had a record 4 days of sunshine!!! And for this January-February period, that is saying something. I cannot wait for spring to arrive for good and I can play in the dirt!

Sounds like you have a lovely, busy, busy family! Enjoyed reading your Friday Fragments.

Stop by sometime.

Amy said...

Sorry, I'm cracking up at you crying over the Olympics. I very rarely cry, but I do enjoy watching them.

I hate rebates because they suck me in and then I forget to send away for them.

Want snow? Come to Indiana. You can have all 24 inches we've gotten this year. YUCK!

Nice fraggin' w/ya!

Unknown Mami said...

I hate rebates too! It ends up being soo much work to maybe get the money. Just put it on sale or give me an instant rebate already.

H.K. said...

I actually tried reading Poisonwood Bible too a couple months ago - after trying to stay awake after reading 20 pages, I knew it was time to stop reading it.