Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugar cookies, Oil Changes and Snow Shoveling

Tuesday?  It's Tuesday?
It feel like it's some kind of crazy day.

I have about 5 and a half minutes to get all my thoughts out and then move on to the craziness of my life.
You'll be jealous of all the fun things I have planned for the day -
the mechanic,
an oil change,
visiting some ladies from church,
a meeting with the principal
The fun goes on and on!

Here's some fun -
Go on over to Keely's The Unmom and link up.  You can play along!

* My hands hurt.
My hands hurt because I have been wringing gallons of water out of towels.
My washing machine is not "spinning."
Last week, it would spin about every 3rd load.
I experimented with putting fewer clothes in, more clothes in, different detergent.
This week, it doesn't want to spin at all.
Oh.......and we might not be able to get it fixed because it's a commercial washer and not just any Joe Washing Machine Repairguy can fix it.  Even the Maytag Repair Man probably can't fix it.
We'll see.

* I jut sent a birthday box to Cambodia for Trammell.
Last year, I sent him a cake mix and frosting, party hats, candles etc.
Then I saw THIS on Facebook -
Another mother posted about HER son celebrating HIS birthday about a month after Trammell's.  Then, I looked at the picture more closely.  Is that MY chocolate cake?  Are those MY Cars decorations? Are those MY Cars hats?  In my next email to Trammell, I asked him if he had given HIS birthday box to Elder Anderson.  He replied, "I'm not going to lie......"  He did!  He hates any hoopla.  He hid the box under his bed and then brought it out a month later for this other missionary.

Guess what I sent this year?  Yep - a cake mix, frosting, Spiderman hats, blowers etc.  Maybe he'll celebrate this year.....but I doubt it.

* In the "Did I really just say that?" category -
I went to a church program to speak to the teenage girls.
One of my friends/their leaders approached me: "Would you like to eat some dinner?"
Me: "Oh no thank you."
Friend: "Are you sure?  There is plenty."
Me: "Thanks, but I just ate seven sugar cookies.  There were only seven left and I didn't want someone else to eat the last one, so I ate all of them."

What???  What is WRONG with me?

* In the "Did YOU just say that?" category -
Yesterday, I was in a sugar induced coma after eating five sugar cookies (new batch).
I decided I needed to move around and get some fresh air.
It was sunny and warm (40 degrees), so I decided to go out and shovel the driveway.
I was shovelling away when the front door opened and Garrett popped his head out.
Garrett: "Mom, what are you doing?"
Me: "Oh I just thought I would shovel a little bit."
Garrett: "Mom, you really don't have to do that....."
My heart melts...awww.....what a sweet heart!
Garrett: "I'll send Parker out."

Wait!  What????  YOU will send your little brother out.
I started laughing so hard, I couldn't shovel anymore.

*I TOLD you that once lacrosse season started, it would finally snow!
First day of practice was yesterday.
The fields are covered in snow.
What does that mean?
Practice inside the school EVERY day from 7 to 9 pm.

The kids ate D1 at 5 pm and then came home for a second dinner at 9.  And then Parker made a noodle bowl at 10.  I guess I better get to the grocery store and stock up!

We have four games Saturday.  It's supposed to snow again on Thursday.  I am now taking bets on whether a) it's cancelled b) the snow melts and they play OR c) it snows and they make the kids shovel the field and then play.

I'm going to be late for my 9 o' clock appointment.  I'm out!


I am Harriet said...

And the snow just never seems to end does it?

Have a great RTT!

Jenn said...

Mmmm, sugar cookies. that sounds like something I would do. Aren't cookies meant to be eaten in "sevens?" Who wants just one or two at a time? I wish I were making cookies today. Instead I'm making taco meat to feed a few hundred people. Woohoo! Gotta' love scouting. My house is gonna smell great :)

centralillinoisian said...

It just keeps snowing here too. I am just about sick of it.
Here from RTT.

Guymons said...

William began track practice a few weeks ago and I've noticed I need a lot more food in my house now. He gets home at 5 and eats dinner #1 and when Scott gets home at 6:30 our family eats dinner and William will join us for his dinner #2. He also had been addicted to drinking PINK sunny delight. He doesn't guzzle the orange juice, apple juice, you know the healthy stuff, he wants PINK sunny delight, not the orange, pink, so picky, it must have some ingredient his body thinks it needs, haha.
Have a fun busy day. Tomorrow will be my busy day. Maybe I should take a nap today, get rested up for tomorrow.
LOL about going to get Parker to shovel!!!!

Raven said...

I am just the kind of person who would eat all the sugar cookies to keep someone from getting the last one, so that bit made me laugh!

Also, my Midget would also offer to send her sister out to shovel for me. I think our families would get along great. lol

Good luck with your crazy day!

Jamie said...

Oh, snow and lacrosse are like butter and sugar. I say play in the snow. We DID (11 years ago)!

Mom in High Heels said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day! Great RTT. What awesome kids you have.

CaJoh said...

I would like to see them shovel then play. I remember having baseball tryouts in the ice and snow. Of course it's never really spring around here until AFTER the April snow.

Thanks for your randomness,

suzicate said...

I take it that the cake that sat under his bed for a month was a mix?!I was just imagining a month old cake,ha! That was so sweet for him to sacrifice to give to others...what a special son you have! I'd have probably eaten the last sugar cookie, too, don't know if I'd have told her though!

Stephdeezy said...

Hey at least you weren't froliking around in heels and a skirt which you've been known to do, right?

I love your boys, never a dull moment...I can still recall this one time with Tram. Should I help you relive the moment or will you just put your palm to your face!

I think he was going to a black and white party...or whatever. Someone asked him about his wearing his white pants and he quickly replied "but what if I start my period?" I still smile! Ha ha

valerie said...

We've been saying now that baseball season is coming up, of course it will start snowing. We've been spoiled by the 50 degree weather we've been having so of course it will. Happy random day!

Laufa said...

I don't know how you keep up. Good thing you write about it. So much happens around you, it is easy to forget something.
At least Trammel used the cake and party things, he could have just thrown them away. He was giving to his friend who probably enjoyed them. You are blessed.

Mama Badger said...

Is your machine front load? I have this same problem some times. There is a weird filter that likes to suck in socks. PB has to take the bottom apart and fish them out. If it is front load, let me know. I'll have him write up some instructions on where to find the stupid filter thingy.

As for the party? Good for him. He celebrated for someone else. A truly giving boy.

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

That is really sweet that he gave the birthday stuff away to someone else. I would be totally annoyed that he did it all at the same time, though. ;)