Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The senior class faces a dilemma.  What to do?  What to do?
Please put yourself in their shoes and read this as if you were 17 or 18.

It's time to decide on a senior gift - a legacy.
Something to remember the Class of 2010 by.
Senior gifts are usually something extraordinary, something that the school would never have the budget to buy or would never in a million years be cool enough to buy.

Previous gifts have included -
large wolf painted in the middle of the gym floor - COOL!
A xeriscape garden area outside the cafeteria - Okay.  It does look better than dead trampled grass.
Large digital clocks in the commons - Totally dorky -especially since their time matchs up to neither the school analog clocks by which the bells ring nor the cell phones in all 2,800 students' pockets.  So if you go by this "gift," you'll be late for class.

So - TWO suggestions for this year's gift.
Are you ready?
Please vote for one.

1) Automatic Hand Washers in the bathrooms
In case you are wondering - yes, the school does provide sinks and soap and paper towel.  But it's not automatic!?!?!

2) A spotlight on top of the school that would shine a wolf (the school mascot) into the sky every time the high school was playing a game or had an event at the school.  Kind of like Batman.
Really?  Do we NEED a vote?


valerie said...

I think hand washing is very important. I would for sure vote for the automatic dispenser. Yeah right! Go for the wolf light! lol

Tricia said...

uh, the wolf light...totally.

automatic hand washers? that's funny even to this self-proclaimed germaphobe. No amount of automatic can MAKE them wash their hands, anyway.

Mama Badger said...

A high school kid cared about cleanliness? Whatever. I vote for the Wolf light.

martyeaster said...

If you have automatic hand washers they have to stay on for a certain amount of time and they are impossible to keep on that time frame, a huge head ache. WOLF LIGHT!!!!!!!

Javan said...

No contest! You didn't even need to ask...

qandlequeen said...

Those are the choices??? Seriously? The only cool one is the light.

My class did a stained glass window, which 25 years later is the only one in the commons area - quite cool.

Stephdeezy said...

In my years of HS I never once EVER used the restrooms there ICK! So that is just a silly gift. Like you said "do we even need to vote" ha ha so yes duh let's follow in the steps of batman and shine the wolf! Yay go Wolverines!

Rachael said...

Need you even ask? Wolf light of course!

Mrs4444 said...

I love the light!!!