Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is REALLY Going on in Their Little Minds?

Do you ever look at your teenager and wonder "What are you thinking?"
Yeah - every day!

Parker was at my desk working on his application for the high school leadership class the other night.
He had to answer 5 short questions and then write an essay.

The leadership class is basically our high school's student council.
The process to get in includes 5 teacher recommendations, the applications and essays, a school wide vote and then an interview process.

When I got home, he was in bed
but his short answer responses were sitting on my computer screen.
Here is what I saw-

5) Tell about something that you are passionate about and how you show your passion  and how can that help you in the leadership class.

One thing I am passionate about in life is my religion. My religion and beliefs are very important to me. I persue this passion by maintaining my standards even when it is not easy. I believe a good leader does not give in to what is “popular” or “what everyone else is doing,” even when it may be difficult or hurt their social status. I strive to stand up for what is right no matter the cause. Something I plan on doing to pursue this passion is serving a two year mission for my church. I am dedicated to what I believe in and am willing to work hard toward it. A good leader is devoted to what they do, and I am devoted to my passions, whether it is my beliefs and religion or being a leader for the school.

Thank you Parker!


H.K. said...

Parker, if I had a daughter, I hope she would marry someone like you!

valerie said...

Wow! That was awesome. I'd vote for him!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

What a great young man!

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