Thursday, February 4, 2010


You knew there had to be MORE to the story!
There always is!

If we were to go by your votes,
the "Wolf Spotlight" would be the unanimous winner - but you aren't in high school and what do you know?

The automatic handwashers were suggested by........a girl.
The non practical "Wolf Spotlight" was suggested by...........the Bonehead!
Another shocking surprise.

First of all, the senior gift is voted on by the seniors in leadership.
There are 20 of them.
They were elected by the other 650 seniors.
But still, I think ALL the seniors should get to they do for Homecoming queen and Prom.
It's not so much that I think that they are capable of making such an important decision - I just know that it would take about 2 seconds to convince them to go toward the light!

So, the student body president and her posse think the whole handwashing thing is the perfect legacy to remind everyone how cool the class of 2010 is.

Garrett and Parker think these girls are crazy because...........
1. "Who ever goes in the bathrooms at school?"
Right?  Right!
No one with a brain goes to the bathroom at school.
They'd rather use the bathroom at Burger King during lunch.

You go just before you leave home and then you RUN into the house after school to use your "home toilet."
Duh!  Everyone knows that.

2. There are already sinks and water and soap and paper towels in the bathroom.
But as we have seen with the digital clocks in the commons, redundancy is popular for a class gift.
These graduates should get jobs with the government.
They are well trained!

Just for the record -there are also dispensers of Purell affixed to the walls at key locations throughout the school.

Is this a case of sour grapes? Absolutely!
And we're bitter!
The thrill of having your idea selected as the Homecoming theme fades fast!


Stephdeezy said...

Well see they totally understand that we don't use the facilities at school we'd prefer anywhere but! But still maybe the automatic sinks/soaps would make me feel like I'm at the movie theatre instead?! Shazam!

Captain Dumbass said...

I would have gone with the Batman spotlight.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

The hand washers are the stupidest idea I've ever heard of!!!!!