Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Tuesday nights are ALWAYS exciting around here.
Tuesday night is when we hear from Trammell.

Wednesday is his P-Day - Preparation Day. It's the day to do laundry, grocery shopping, may see some of the local sites and most importantly, it's the day to email home!

They generally have 45 minutes at the internet cafe to print out mail from their inbox, write home and write their mission president. Although he can receive emails from people other than family, he can't respond via email. So letter writing is another activity for P-Day but there is rarely time.

Since Cambodia is 14 hours ahead,
his morning is our night.
We start watching for emails to pop in around 8 pm - his 10 am.

Here is what we received last night -

Dear Family! Thank you for your emails! I don't really have much to write about. Haven't really been out proselyting since my last email - had a little bike-moto accident. So the knee has been a lot better! I hope all is going well!

Elder Cox

My response:
Wait!?! What bike-moto accident? Details??????

We waited and waited to hear back from him.
Was anything broken?
Did he need any medical attention?

Just as an FYI - there are no real hospitals in Cambodia. If something serious happens, you have to go to Thailand for medical care.

We waited and waited and I considered reaching throug the internet and strangling him.
If he wasn't hurt from the wreck, he would be hurt by my hand!

Thirty minutes later we received this:

Good evening!

Well, I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone had a good Valentine's day.....

Like I said, I had a little moto accident - but I was just kidding about not having anything to say! Haha, you know me too well! But last Thursday while riding home with our groceries, we had one ast stop at the bakery. Well in Cambodia, nobody stops, and when they want to turn left, they get in the right lane and then cross the whole road at once. Coming from a country of order, when we want to turn left, we get toward the middle of the road and watch for an opening in oncoming traffic. Well, I got in the middle and as I went to turn left, with my hand signaling that I'm turning, a moto comes from behind me on the left (he's in the oncoming traffic lane going the wrong direction) and catches my front tire. They grind together for a few seconds and finally my bike gives in, kicking me off the back and flying out from under me. The stupid startled teenagers drive off - as you are supposed to do in Cambodia. It was quite miraculous because I landed right on my butt and then rolled over onto my backpack - didn't get scraped up at all. Nothing got scratched - just a bent front fender on my bike. I was SUPER sore the following two days, but it didn't slow me down - I have places to go and people to see! But I was pretty darn sore for awhile! So that was my miraculous moto-bike accident - nothing broke - not even the groceries!......

He goes on to tell another "hilarious" story where some kindly strangers came up and asked if they were Mormons. When they replied yes, the man took out a rock and threw it at Trammell.

Aren't these stories so fun, funny, entertaining, faith promoting? ;)
Anyway, he's alive!
Love those Tuesday night emails!!!


valerie said...

I was going to have to strangle him for you for leaving you hanging at first. Glad he's ok and has such a great outlook on things, even when they are getting a little exciting like crashing into others. :)

martyeaster said...

Tram needs to learn that somethings are better left not told to parents till you get home. Especially when you are not in the states.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Okay, at least tell a mom Everything's FINE! Geesh I'm in my 30's, talked to my mom yesterday, and prefaced the conversation by saying Don't worry mom, No One Got Hurt when I told her a teenager rear-ended me on Monday.

Maybe it's a boy thing??

Shirley said...

Brings back memories of letters from my older son when he was serving his mission. We had no email, so I had to write back and ask for details and then wait another week or more for the answer. No wonder I have gray hair.

Favorites: "Heather is missing from the MTC. No one has seen her all day." (He and his sister were in the MTC at the same time. Turns out there were people who knew her companion got sick and both were at the hospital.)

Today I was chased by a man with a machete for about a mile." (his answer to what he did: "I outran him." What about his companion? "Outran him too."
So glad he ran cross country in school.)

Captain Dumbass said...

I left most of those stories for my mom until I was in my 30's.

Kat @ said...

So excited to be coming across your site! Coming from Mama Kat's Workshop... how intensive and rewarding that Trammell is in Cambodia spreading the word of Jesus. You must be soo proud!! Love your blog, will def. be following!