Monday, May 3, 2010

Senior Night at Lacrosse

At the last home lacrosse game,
the seniors are recognized on the field during half time.

Usually they are escorted by their parents on the field,
while the announcer reads what the senior wrote.
It's information about their lacrosse career, where they are going to college and a short tribute to their parents.

The playes are wearing their home jersey and they usually give their away jersey to their mom to wear.
Hopefully it's washed!

Since Brian and I were trekking across Wyoming,
Garrett invited his younger brother, Parker and
his 14 month old cousin Mr. Chunkers to be his escorts.
Usually the escort walks the senior across the field - not vice versa.

Here is what the announcer read -
Tonight, Garrett’s favorite people are out of town. He is being escorted by his younger brother Parker and his cousin Mr. Chunkers.
He has played lacrosse since 4th grade. He played middie until sophomore year and then switched to LSM and defense.
Garrett will attend Brigham Young University in Provo starting in June and then Brigham Young University in Idaho this fall.
Off the field, Garrett likes to snowboard, play the violin, play COD, see the world, take long walks on the beach, and eat wings.
Garrett would like to thank his parents by saying, “Thank you for supporting me in doing the things I love and helping me become the person I am today.”

A GOOD time was had by all.

My brother was only able to take 73 pictures AND video the whole thing. ;)


Javan said...

Great pictures, but I can't believe you didn't post all 76 and the video. I'm sure that Mr. Chunkers was the cutest escort there. I'm glad to see that Garrett is up and walking around!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Those were great pictures! How sweet he had his brother walk with him. Yay for him.

Dawn said...

Aw, those were some great pictures. And Mr. Chunkers is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!

Garrett seems none the worse for his recent...experience.

Mama Badger said...

Holy cow, that's just adorable! Seriously, you blog will be "find a wife" fodder for him in the future (ok, except the recent "fruity pebbles" days). The girls must have gushed (more than they usually do)!

Sad you couldn't be there, but at least Mr. Chunkers and Parker did him proud.