Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I HATE to Share!

I know.
I'm old.
I'm a mom.
And if there is ONE thing I should know by now, it's HOW to share.
But it's like I'm 3 (or maybe even 2), I HATE to share.

Someone brought me this -
Yep - it's my favorite!  A cupcake!
I live for cupcakes..........and butter, and bacon, and potato chips, and ice cold Coke and....

So I did what any normal, mature person would do when presented with such a gift.
I hoarded it! 
I got out a sharpie, staked my claim and put it in the refrigerator.

But then,
later on, Brian, looking like the cat that ate the canary lured me in the kitchen and said something about how I should learn to share.
I was immediately suspicious and checked on my stash.
I found the box in the refrigerator, right were I had left it -
front and center on the top shelf to taunt people.

The box felt weightless.
I knew the cupcake was gone,
but I opened the box anyway.
Really?  How mature is that?
Who does that?
I knew Brian would NEVER really eat the cupcake.
So just like the adult that I am,
I whirled away from the refrigerator, stomped my foot, and demanded, "Where's my cupcake?"

He couldn't keep a straight face long enough to convince me it was really gone.
It quickly showed back up.
I immediately wrapped it back up in it's box of safety and replaced it in the refrigerator for later consumption because I am generous that way.

I ate it after church.
It WAS a luscious lemon cake with a lemon filling.
I am so proud of myself for sharing eating it before it was stale and had to be thrown away.

PS - If you are thinking that giving me MORE cupcakes so there are some to share is a good idea, you are wrong.  I will keep them all for myself.

PPS - I SHARED the cupcake!  I cut it in fourths and LET everyone have one! 


valerie said...

lol I was thinking that Brian would hold your cupcake for ransom or something. You need a fridge in your room or something, waaay deep in the closet where no one can find it. Hee hee.

Julianna said...

OK, now I want a cup cake ALL FOR ME. I wouldn't have shared, no way. No one comes between Mama and her sugar. No One. -J

Beth Zimmerman said...

That's adorable! :)