Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Award with Cupcakes KNOW how I LOVE winning - especially awards - especially awards with cute cupcakes on them!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Juliana, my new best friend at Surviving Boys.  Oh and she's engaged!  So go over and congratulate her!
I'm late on accepting the award and passing it on because - remember, I'm on the World Tour of college Campuses!  I was in CLASS all day yesterday!

So anyway - here are the rules of the award -

1) Thank the incredibly talented person who gave you the award -
Thanks again!  I LOVE the love!  Thank you for thinking of me (it was the cupcakes, wasn't it?)
2) Copy the award into a post...

3) Tell 3 things about yourself...

I LOVE my life - most days. 
I can't think of a BETTER job than being a mom and wife.
I am pretty shy and reserved until you get to know me, which may take a really long time...because I am pretty shy and reserved.

3b) Sum up your blogging philosophy in 5 words...
 My Own Brand of Crazy <- really, that says it all!

4) Post a picture that you love...
I'm on a borrowed computer!

5) Share the love...
The fun part!
Today, I'm sharing with one oldie - but goodie - she will kill me for saying that
and four new bloggy friends.  I like to make new blogging friends!

* The old one is NOT OLD, just an old friend.
She's now world famous.
She's a contender for the Pillsbury Crescent Queen.
Go check out her blog AND vote for her recipe - BBQ Chicken Packets!
Margaret at Facts From a Fact Woman

* Lori from Joy For Your Journey.  She makes me laugh!  She makes me think. 

* Danelle from Outnumbered.  Her kids are darling and she has beautiful photo collages each week.

* Stephanie from Oops....There Goes My Mind  She's real.  She has five kids.  She's amazing!

* Oh and one last (or several) awards - this one goes out to those who read, but don't feel comfortable commenting for fear that they will "out" themselves.  Some people call them stalkers.  I prefer to refer to them as "secret admirers."  I love you.  Keep reading and go ahead - you deserve an award!


Julianna said...

It was the cupcakes... Yum!! -J

valerie said...

Congrats! Can't think of anyone else who deserves the cupcake award that you do! Love you blog Gina and I can't believe that you are shy!

Raven said...

Congrats!! I can't believe you're shy either. You seem like you'd be so outgoing in the real world.

Have a great weekend!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Congrats on your award! Have fun on tour!

Danelle said...

Awe, thanks! I promise I'll pass it on, even if it takes me a month!