Sunday, September 5, 2010

How Does HE Do It?

I was lying in bed saying an extended prayer.
It started out formal with all the regular stuff and somehow ended up a midnight chat session.

I was telling Heavenly Father how much I love my boys and how much I want for them and was asking for *this* and *this* and *this* for Boy #1 and *such* and *such* for Boy #2 and *this* and *that* for Boy #3.
And I thought, "Wait!  Wait!  I don't even know if what I am asking for is the BEST thing for them or if it is what they really NEED. What if the Lord gives Boy #1 what I'M asking for instead of what HE was planning on giving him?  What if my view is limited and I'm aiming shy of the mark?
I should just shut up and put it all in the Lord's hands."

My view IS limited!
Everything I do, eveything I do in parenting is aimed at helping my children reach their potential.
But I can't see everything.  I don't know everything (shocking revelation there).

I started thinking about what Heavenly Father must think when he watches us.
He KNOWS US!  He knows our TRUE POTENTIAL and that's how he sees us.
I'm sure He laughs at some of our foibles....the funny ones and the ridiculous ones.
(Please don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor)
I'm sure He is sad at our mistakes and failures and when we ignore Him.
I am sure He cheers when we progress and make a step in the right direction.
But He has ALL of the information.
His view is not limited to today.

Is OUR limited view keeping us from reaching our potential?
Are we thinking too small and not expecting enough from ourselves or our children?
Are we making decisions based on what we want at that very moment or what will bring us short term pleasure....without a thought for the future or what we might be giving up in the long term?
I came up with a lot more questions and not a lot of immediate answers.
But one thing was clear...........
Before I go off telling Heavenly Father all the things I want for my kids, maybe I should ask Him what He wants for my His kids!


Danelle said...

Great post! Thanks for reminding me I don't know everything. :)

Lewis Family said...

Love this post. Thanks Gina!

Mama Badger said...

How very true. A few years ago my parish priest and I spoke about thanking God for what he gives us each day, including the trials, instead of asking for anything. Some days it's really hard to remember that he has a plan, but when you do think about it, it's such a piece of mind, right?