Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yeah - you all go ahead and party since it's RaNDoM TueSDay!  Laugh, eat cupcakes and just blog away.
But do it quietly!
I'm sleeping! (finally)
Tip toe on out of here
and go see Keely at The Un Mom!
You can be as loud as you want.......over there!

*In exhaustion, we shut the house down last night at 10 pm.
Lights out.  TV off.
Tiny Baby in bed - check.
Me in bed - check.
Brian in bed - check.

And then it got DESTROYED!
The whole household went crazy!

* 10:44 - Garrett called

In an act of desperation Garrett bought a Go Phone.
He's been incommunicado for 10 days.........yes incommunicado is a terminal illness!
The minute he arrived in his tiny college town with no mall, his phone started acting up.
The town doesn't have the 3G network - how's that for "out there?"
So he sent his phone "in" (as in to a real city) for repair.
It has just about killed him.
He doesn't know when he's getting it back and couldn't take it one more minute.
He had to call and tell us.
Obviously, it couldn't wait.

* Earlier in the day, I received a phone call and the caller ID proclaimed it was someone from a roofing company in San Jose.  I almost didn't answer it.
But I did.
The caller addressed me as "Mom."
Wow!  I was confused.
Then he started talking about taking a test.
My head was spinning.
"Ahhhh...." it clicked.  It's Trammell.
But wait, I just talked to him.
But it sounds like him.
"Oh wait!"  The lightbulb of mom recognition went off.
Of course!  Don't doubt my mom powers.  Of course I would recognize my offspring.
It was Garrett!
He borrowed a phone and called to tell me he just finished his first "real" college test.
And he got 102/100 - I was even more confused!

*10:48 - Trammell called.
I got off the phone with Garrett to take his phone call.

He wanted to tell us about a date that was THREE DAYS AGO.  I've talked to him 15 times since then and he wants to talk about it NOW?

* 11:00 - All the upstairs lights went on.
I thought maybe Parker had suddenly remembered something he needed for school.

Me -"Parker?  What are you doing?"
P- groans
Me -"Parker?  What are you doing?"
P- "Huh?  What time is it?"
Me- "Sweetie, it's 11:00"

I see that he is totally dressed.
He groans, whips off his shirt, starts undoing his pants and shoves his bedroom door closed and climbs back in bed.
Turns out, he thought it was 5 am and time to get up.

* By now, Brian and I were wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep.

* Turns out, Tiny Baby must have had a sleepless night too.
Here he is at 5:30 am - looking rested, refreshed and ready to go.
That's how I felt too!

* Brian left for work this morning but not before proclaiming:
"New rule - you call here after 10 pm only in the cases of emergency.
Emergencies are blood, incarceration, no wait, incarceration can wait.

If you are stupid enough to get in jail, don't call here at all."
Alrighty then!
I'm going back to bed!


Danelle said...

Well obviously those boys just miss their mom! And really, there is no mall in Rexburg? Because my sister who lives there seems like she is going shopping all the time.

Mama Badger said...

There is no end to the drama with these boys, huh?

Are you done worrying about Trammel and his girl-less state? Over the idea that you should fix him up? Giggle, good looking boys don't stay single long, Mom!

AmyLK said...

Oh no! What a night! hope tonight is better. Happy RTT

Keely said...

I'm pretty sure there WOULD be blood if that happened at my house...

Unknown Mami said...

I hope you get some rest. I'm tired for you.

Andrea said...

I never fail to laugh when I come over here. Ever.

Raven said...

What a night! I hope you were able to make up for some of that lost sleep!

Stacy said...

Wait to call for incarceration. Love it. T-riffic! Hope you're able to have a restful weekend.