Friday, September 3, 2010

Eye of the Hurricane

Ahhhh..........Friday..........the best day of the week.
Not only do we get a 3 day weekend.
We get to FRAG!

It's like every Friday is a holiday over at Mrs.4444 place!
Just hop on over to Half Past Kissin' Time an play along!

*BIG NEWS - like really big news!
My friend Margaret - at
Facts from a Fact Woman - is a FINALIST in the Pillsbury Crescent Contest.
Oh yeah!
There were thousands of entries and they whittled it down to 100, then 12 and now 4.
Go see her and then vote for her.
If you vote, you get a chance to win $5,000.
Seriously - get over there!  Well not yet.  read my frags first.

*We leave for the college drop off in two days.
Garrett is down in the basement "packing"
Isn't there a saying like "It's worse before the storm?"
Oh no, that's "the calm before the storm."  Whatever.
The basement looks like Hurricane Earl hit it.........except without water.

* In the world's most expensive month on record,
Tiny Baby decided to grow an inch.
He announced that he needs new shoes.
It's not like he's talking about ONE pair of tennis shoes.
Oh no - there are cleats, black church shoes, brown dress shoes, flip flops, running shoes......
New rule: You have to wear cheap flip flops until you have finished puberty!

* Garrett has a new work out schedule.
He has been going to the gym every night from 10 until midnight.
He says he loves that time because he has the place to himself.
Only vampires work out at midnight.

* He swims laps, lifts weights, runs, and sits in the steam room.
"Oohhhh.....I love the steam room.  It smells like...........Listerine."
"You mean eucalyptus?"
"Yeah - that's it!"

* TODAY is National Lazy Mom's Day.
Is it a day we celebrate LAZY moms?
Because I can't get behind that one.
Or is it a day we celebrate MOMS and we get to be lazy for a day?
THAT I could participate in!

* You know what day I can really support?
International Bacon Day!
It's the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend.

I try to be patriotic and celebrate Bacon Day
by adding 4 strips of bacon to my breakfast of cupcakes and coke.

Well, I'm headed down to the eye of the hurricane.
You all have a good weekend!


Rebecca Jo said...

A finalist???? That is awesome!!! What is her recipe so we know what to vote for?

OH MY - I didnt know anyone worked out at 10 pm to midnight... I bet it is nice to have some privacy, now there will be a mad rush at that time! :)

valerie said...

National Bacon day? On Sat? I better go stock up! Good luck heading into the hurricane. Hope you make it out in one piece!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I think of Garrett's comment every morning as I gargle! LOL Have fun packing the car! Don't forget the tissues or wait- JUST LOOK UP!!!!!!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

That's so cool for Margaret! I always see those contests and think of entering...for a minute. :o)

I dearly LOVE bacon. It's a huge "thing" in my family, and they love to bring it up a lot. Can't wait to see what my husband buys me. LOL

Have a fabulous weekend with your amazing men!

Julianna said...

Bacon has it's own day? Excellent!!! I have three pounds in the freezer... looking like bacon and eggs for breakfast, mac-n-cheese with bacon for lunch, and bacon wrapped stuffed chicken for dinner. Think my ateries can handle it? -J

H.K. said...

Listerine and Eucalyptus does have similiar smells...I think! Too funny and congrats to your friend being a finalist- that's big!

Ann in the UP said...

Oh the news I can find out from other bloggers! Bacon day, and my with a houseful of tomatoes!

I can feel a menu coming on.
And congratulations to the crescent roll finalist! I'll check it out!

(I'm visiting you from Friday Fragments. What fun!)

Julianna said...

Hey, if you get a chance, stop by, I left you some love... -J

Raven said...

I'm all over havng a lazy mom's day! I'm going insane over here!!

I'm with you all the way on International Bacon Day, especially if there's free bacon involved!!

Danelle said...

Okay, I voted--she really does have the best recipe! The only thing that would have made it better...BACON!