Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Welcome to my neighborhood!
There are about 250 homes all on 1-2 acre lots.

We're spread out enough that we don't have to close our windows when we yell.
We have real grass and real landscaping, but we also have natural grass and some wild Colorado landscaping.

We also have wildlife - and I'm not talking about teenagers throwing parties (although we have that too.)

It's not unusual hear an owl outside the bedroom window, see 5 or 6 bunnies hopping across the front lawn, run across a herd of 8-10 deer while driving at dusk, spot a fox and here coyotes tussle over dinner.
In fact, the coyotes are taking over the neighborhood and are getting quite brazen.

I went outside to pick up the morning paper and on my way back up the driveway, I ran into a coyote walking down my driveway.

Everyone in our neighborhood received this email recently.
The "Smith" family is missing since Friday last week a male American Shorthair cat named Toby. He is gray with black stripes. Our hopes are that he wandered off to a house within Chapparal, where he found some friendly people, who took him in. Our five children are missing him.

Please call the Smithsat(303)123-5678
Thank you very much.

We get these types of emails ALL the time.
And I'm sorry, I giggle when I read them.
I know EXACTLY where the cat is.

Yes, Toby did meet up with some friendly.........well, not people...........and they did take him in.....not just into their house, but into their den!
Oh yes, your cat was taken care of.

People!  Really!  How many posters have been taped up on stop signs saying, "LOST: sweet calico kitten..."
We all know where the cats got lost to.
And we all know they aren't coming back.
I'll tell you who to call -
1-800-456 -ACME
Ask for Wiley


Mama Badger said...

Ugh, we have the same thing. They introduced coyotes into the population of our town a few years ago to "control the deer". When was the last time you saw a coyote take on a deer? It would rather eat a neighborhood puss than try for something larger...

Andrea said...

Pretty sure I would have freaked out finding a coyote walking down my Chills just think about that!

We have a bunny. And birds and...weird Kentucky people. Does that count?

Guymons said...

Maybe that's where our missing kitty is!!!

And, LOL, your message on my blog...."Impressive" haha...I hope you read between the lines and could tell that Andrew's team is only on their 2nd game, so the "undefeated" label means practically nothing...and Andrew's "touchdown" was hilarious because Andrew NEVER hardly gets to do ANYTHING, the coach would NEVER design a play for Andrew to do a pass, he thinks Andrew is "weak". the touchdown was AWESOME for me as a mom and especially as a blogging mom who wants things to brag about, but really it was a MISTAKE....YEAH! haha

Lauren Billat said...

I saw a coyote the other day in our neighborhood, mid-afternoon literally crossing the road right next the the cross-walk like it was going to pick up it's kiddo from school. (Probably hoping to find a really small kindergartener. You are right - they are brazen.

Julianna said...

Agh! We've got fisher cats right now running a muck in the neighborhoods. A coyote would be more welcome. There is nothing worse than the sound of a fisher cat eating his dinner. -J

Raven said...

I'd love the bunnies and deer, etc., but coyotes not so much.

Those poor kitties!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I know where they are too. They were a tasty though not too filling SNACK!!!