Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Talk about RaNDoM!
There is so much RaNDoM around here, it's crazy!
Or....I'm crazy.

But I'm blaming it all on Keely over at The Un Mom
She started it!
If you have a lot of RaNDoM, get it out!
Share it and link up at Keely's place
Parker came home from school yesterday and tucked into an afterschool SNACK -
a pork chop,
mashed potatoes and gravy,
green beans,
chips and Rotel nacho cheese dip,
a mini Twix candy bar
and a mini Butterfinger...
oh, and 3 pieces of bacon.
I can't explain that.
I can't.
Did you know that if you go away for 9 days and don't water your bonsai, it will die?
Did you know that if you don't SPECIFICALLY "invite" someone to water your bonsai while you are gone, they probably won't water it?
I don't know why.
It doesn't matter if you left it RIGHT ON THE MIDDLE of the kitchen counter.
This is NOT my child.
This is Tyler - one half of the Bonehead Brothers.... Garrett's best friend.
He practically lived with us for 2 years.
But this is a picture of him when he was 7 - about 10 years BEFORE we even met him.
I don't know why this magnet is on my refrigerator.

Admit it!
You wish you had this souvenir plate.
I really had NO idea why 10 guys jumped out at us with cameras and started snapping away.
I don't know why my children spent a whopping $1 for this.
And I really don't know WHY it is on display in my kitchen.

This is a little pile of items Garrett left behind.
Yes, you are seeing correctly!
There's a school directory, lacrosse pads, 2 dollars, an Owl City CD, a book on stocks and investing, Axe spray, vanilla body lotion, a mouth to mouth rescitation kit, and a "cup."
This little pile is "resting" between my car and Garrett's car in the garage.
I'm picking up the two dollar bills.
I don't know why the pile is here.
Garrett's closet AFTER he left for school.
He took a ridiculous amount of clothes to school.
I counted 16 short sleeve polo shirts.
That doesn't include long sleeve shirts or t-shirts or sweates or hoodies.
I don't know why his closet is still full.
I don't know how he got all these clothes.
Finally, something that demands no explanation!
Someone get a cupcake over here STAT!


Raven said...

Now I want a pork chop with mashed potatoes and gravy.

That's some random you have going on over there!

And I thought my kids had a lot of clothes!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Lauren Billat said...

When Brendon comes home from his mission can I send him over to Garrett's closet to get his "post" mission wardrobe? Garrett would never notice.

Danelle said...

That's about the most random bunch of hilarity I've ever come across! Although, living in a house full of boys, that pile of stuff Garrett left behind doesn't really seem all that random to me. And I do kind of wish I had a plate like that. ;)

Terrie said...

great random! and i need that t-shirt

Erin said...

Whoa....that was a SNACK?!?! Wow! And I love the cupcake shirt! Makes me think of cupcake wars....mmmm they make some cupcake awesomeness!

Erin said...

Whoa....that was a SNACK?!?! Wow! And I love the cupcake shirt! Makes me think of cupcake wars....mmmm they make some cupcake awesomeness!

Andrea said...

That's some snack! Can I borrow the two bucks? I have 7 cents and that plus two bucks would get me a tall iced coffee...what? It's freakin hot here.

Happy RTT!

Mama Badger said...

You are not making me look forward to teenage boys. Not at all.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's some after school 'snack'! Now I feel guilty only giving Princess Nagger a small pile of goldfish crackers.

I gave up trying to make sure my plants are watered if we're gone an extended period of time - I ended up buying those Aqua Globes instead...but I also need to remember to refill them after they're empty. ;)

Too funny about the magnate, but I do think the plate is pretty cool!

I would have picked up the two dollars, too... ;)

RTT: Summer's End, Winemaking and Barf

Julianna said...

I simply must have that T-shirt! And I wouldn't mention the $2, keep it as your tip for cleaning up the mess. -J

Barb said...

Great random post! Some snack. But it wouldn't surprise me if my 14-yr-old had a similar one.
Happy Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass said...

Well who wouldn't want their face on a plate?