Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Remember last May's Wedding of the Century?
It took me about 7 posts to tell about it! 
You can go back and look in the May archives if you need a refresher.

It was the marriage of my neighbor Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer.

They've been busy since the wedding!Armie's movie - Social Network comes out this weekend.

Surely, you've heard about it.
Surely, you're going to see it!
He's been on the media tour for the last few weeks.
He actually had 74 interviews in a couple of days AND Entertainment Weekly has already started a campaign to nominate him for "Best Supporting Actor."

Watch this short Today Show interview with both of them.
Aren't they so cute???/

We're going to see it Friday night.
My neighbor has rented out the theater and we're having a par-tay.
Can't wait!


Mama Badger said...

Your life is just one big cupcake filled adventure, isn't it? I need to be more like you.

StephieMae said...

I am so excited for this - we've been couting down the days to see it! So exciting - I think you are always doing something fun!

Danelle said...

My husband is pretty excited about this movie, and now I can tell him I pretty much know one of the stars! ;)

Julianna said...

Way fun! But tell me the truth... there WILL be cupcakes, right? -J