Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Thank heavens it's Tuesday!
Monday wasn't really working out for me.
It was so............Monday!
And the bestest thing about Tuesday is RaNDoM -
Keely saves the week!
Go over and see The Un Mom for yourself!
Read some RaNDoM, get your own RaNDoM, and link up!

* Man, it's quiet around here!
It was weird to sit down at the dinner table last night with just Brian and I and Parker...........like we were waiting for the others to show up.
And then I realized, THIS is it.
No one else is showing up!

* Last week, I went back to school for the day.
I went to three classes with Trammell.
Class #1 - a music class with 400
Class #2 - a history class with 700
Class $3 - a religion class with 60 <- yep that's the smallest class.

 * So I'm sitting in the history class and the teacher shows
THE EXACT SAME movie clip that they showed when I was in school.  I was laughing and saying, "No way..." when all of the sudden the teacher said, "Okay, everyone get out your I Klickers."
Whoa! Wait! What?
I want one of those!
It's like playing with the Wii in class!

Yeah, the teacher asks a question.
Everyone punches in their answer.
Then the answers come up on the screen in the form of a bar graph and you find out immediately if you are stupid.
So cool!

 * Tiny Baby and I went to Target after his ortho appointment yesterday.
He was putting random things in the cart.
After the scooter and the mini Ben & Jerry's I was over it.
"No more! And I'm not paying for this scooter, " I informed him as I put a can of bathroom cleaner in the cart.
"So.....we can get Kaboom but we can't get a dog. I see how it is."
This Dog.

I'll take the bathroom cleaner EVERY time....but the dog IS cute!

* I got this postcard in the mail
Am I the only one has a problem with this?
It's for a CHURCH!
For some crazy reason, I just don't like combining the F-Bomb with Jesus.  I'm conservative that way.

* Tiny Baby: "Is it cheaper to get sliced bacon at the deli?"
Me: "No."
Tiny Baby: "Let's go over there and get some."

* Garrett loaded ALL his belongings into the car - bound for college.
I went downstairs to his room to see if he forgot anything obvious.
I saw this -
(I know it looks like a skein of ratty yarn. Close!  It's his ORIGINAL baby blanket.)
He left it behind.
I cried.

*Tiny Baby - "Where can we find roasted Turkey Legs here?"

It's TARGET!  Not the State Fair!
That's it.  I whipped out an envelope to start writing down these ridiculous Target conversations.
The minute my hand emerged from my purse: "Hey, Hey!  You can't blog this!  This is not a mock sesh."

Oh yes!  It's ALWAYS a mock sesh!

* Delayed gratification:
Waiting to crack open the ice cold Coke until the cookies come out of the oven.
I'm soooo good!

Happy Tuesday!
Get your RaNDoM on!


Andrea said...

Darn this is so funny I just don't know where to start...The class sizes. I say right now with a class that big I'll always be the stupid one. Just the way I work it.

Target not the state fair...sometimes it feels the same though. Just saying.

Happy RTT!

Julianna said...

I want an iKlicker for work. I'm pretty sure that my boss would show up stupid every time. Make that most of upper management.

And the F-bomb with Jesus? Yea, even I won't go there. -J

Brandy@YDK said...

that i click thing is awesome.

Dawn said...

I am so looking forward to the gems that Noah drops when he gets older...boys appear to be so much fun!

And I applaud your restraint in waiting for the cookies before cracking open the coke. I'm not sure I would have been able to resist!

Raven said...

I know what you mean about the house being so quiet. It's only two of us now and my youngest isn't home a lot. For the most part I enjoy it, but it makes me think of when she won't be here anymore.

Mama Badger said...

Oh, the baby blanket. That's sad. But I left mine at home because I was worried about it getting lost, so take heart. It's not all about growing up.

If you get a dog you'll need a lot more cleaner.

Terrie said...

yay for random! and those high tech thingys are scary and all....high tech

ndnspeechmom said...

i love you, this post and your kids. now pass me a roasted turkey leg

Melissa said...

Wow, American Heritage has turned into Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I wonder if they can also phone a friend for the answer :)

silver star said...

It is crazy that a church would have f-bomb written on a postcard. I obviously attended small schools, the biggest classes I had was maybe 50 kids in band. On some other Tuesday's, I have posted the random things I have bought at Target and Wal-Mart.

Christina said...

They need iclickers in school now. What a cool gadget.

Lewis Family said...

I can't get over the picture of Garrett's blanket. My Eli (15) has one that looks EXACTLY like it! Knots, ratty ends, and all. Just showed him this picture. He can't believe he didn't take it with him. lol ~Emily

Danelle said...

Does this mean I'm going to cry when my kid goes off to college and leaves his stuffed pig at home? And I'm dying to know what the history class was? American Heritage?

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

No comment is sacred when it comes to blogging! We need to go to the State Fair called Target tomorrow.

Joy For Your Journey said...

So that was totally fun to read. Just what I needed after a long afternoon (my morning was great, my afternoon was dreadful!) Anyway, I can relate to the quiet house. Just three of us here now. So sad. And about the church's advertisement. . . We had a church near us send out a flyer with a girl straddling over a car in a skimpy outfit with the words "SEX" written across the top. It was adverstising how to get it on--and they were going to tell you at church. It was pretty shocking.

Keely said...

700 people! Good grief!

The baby blanket thing would make me cry a little too :( I know nobody wants to take that off to college but...!

Don and Kelley said...

I was totally freaking out with the iKlicker!!! Man, things have changed! I wish I had one in college. Or, just to use in everyday life. It would be awesome to just click your answers in where ever you go! F-bomb for Jesus!!!!! Oh my, that made my day!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Your family is hilarious!
The F Bomb thing....bizarre-o!

shadow said...

Random comments:
1. I will fill in those empty seats at the dinner table anytime.
2. Sounds like those professors are a little lazy.
3. What cookies?!?
Love you!

aimeewrites said...

Oh dear Heaven. I nearly embarrassed myself here at swim lessons by bursting into tears when I saw that ratty bit of baby blanket. My oldest son is 10, but I know that day isn't too far off.