Thursday, September 16, 2010


Pretty much....I'm famous.
Okay so it's not really that *I'M* famous.
But I'm famous by association...........
which is way better than my usual GUILTY by association.
I've been THAT before!

My friend Margaret -
is a finalist for the Pillsbury Crescent Roll Competition!  Seriously!
There were a gazillion entries and they narrowed it down to like 1 million and then 389,000, and then 100 and then 12 and now there are ONLY 4 COMPETITORS LEFT!
She created a recipe - Zippy BBQ Chicken Packets.
Submitted it and voila!  She's one of the top 4 finalists!
As if getting your own press package with your picture and name isn't enough,
she's in Rachel Ray's magazine this month and Taste of Home next month.
AND she gave me one of her post cards with her picture and recipe on it.
Dang, I should have had her autograph it!
Anyway, now that she's famous, I'm pretty much famous.

Oh and if you were wondering when/how they are going to announce the winner........
well there is voting!
A lot of voting.
You go to Crescent Roll Contest and vote for her - Margaret Noble, Zippy BBQ Chicken Packets.
You don't need to try the recipe first.
You don't need to even look at the other ladies and their recipes.
They aren't important!
Just go and vote.
Oh and you can vote everyday!
Voting for her is for me!
Yeah! Vote for me Margaret!


Mama Badger said...

I voted. Her recipe looks yum tastic. I'm making it tonight. Mmmmm. I will attribute dinner success to you and Margaret tonight (not that anyone cares).

valerie said...

I voted! It does look very yummy. So does that make me famous too because I kind in a blogland kind of way "know" you, and you know her? lol

Lauren Billat said...

I voted too. I would have voted for her recipe even if she wasn't your friend - her's honestly looked the best to me. :) I knew I should have bought that rotisserie chicken today at Costco. Dang!

Shirley said...

I actually tried her recipe. They were pretty good. Not sure that I'd make them again.

Allison Williams said...

I voted! Her recipe looks good! I hope she wins!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Thanks Gina and friends!!!!