Friday, October 1, 2010


Don't you just love Mrs. 4444's?
She's always so willing to host the FIRST party of the weekend over there at Half Past Kissin' Time
and I gotta admire her stamina!
Head on over there and check out all the FF's - Friday Fragments!

* Do you ever have one of those days weeks lives where you are so tired, you think you are going to drop????
Yeah, it's happening here.  And I'm not the only tired one.

Remember this shot from Tuesday?
Tiny Baby sprawled out on the kitchen floor at 5:30 am, literally dragging himself to school on Tuesday.
Well, it hasn't gotten better!
It's worse!
This morning - there were tears.

* Do you think that THIS could have made him tired?
 The Homecoming Parade
 Working on the float
 Decorating the walls of the school
 Setting up and cleaning up the BBQ, Pep rally, Bonfire and THEN coming home to do homework?

* Having THAT much fun is tiring!

* I told him he could come home and sleep after school.
He can't.
He HAS to go to straight to someone's house with all of the cheerleaders to make cookies and have dinner and then to Flag Boy at the Homecoming Game.
Ooooohhhhhhh.........don't you feel sorry for him? ;)

* Not just the kids around here are having a BIG weekend!
We're going to the OPENING night for "Social Network" -
the movie about Facebook that my neighbor's daughter's husband is in.
She's rented out the theater and there's a catered dinner and cake flown in from Mississippi (IF it gets here in time.  It didn't show up yesterday like it was supposed to.)
Oh and Hollywood is abuzz with rumors that Armie will be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

* And that's not all!
It's Church on TV weekend!
Twice a year, our church leaders
speak to us via broadcast
and we get to watch/listen to their counsel AT HOME! 
So it's LIVE from Salt Lake this weekend.
Trammell and Garrett will actually attend some of the sessions in Salt Lake - NOT in their pajamas.

* Whew......I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  I'm going back to bed.  Don't tell Tiny Baby!
Have a fantastic fall weekend.


Together We Save said...

Thanks for sharing your homecoming fun... our fun starts saturday morning with float building and a week of fun. Honestly is is busy but it is really fun too.

Donna said...

I'm looking forward to Conference too. I wrote about that in my Fragments as well and about how I like watching it at home. That's really cool about the Facebook movie!
Have a great weekend and enjoy Conference!

Unknown Mami said...

Have a great weekend. It sounds like it's going to be a blast.

valerie said...

I need to take a nap just reading all that! Sounds like fun times. Yay for jammies and food!

Brandi. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I don't miss high school at all. It had to be the most tiring time of my life!

Raven said...

Sounds exhausting! We have homecoming this weekend too, which for me means two nights to myself. Woo-hoo!

Matty said...

At that age, I don't think he would mind HAVING to go hang out with the cheerleaders. Poor guy.

MrsSki said...

Wow, seeing all the homecoming activites made me both miss high school AND be glad that I never have to do that again! haha!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for your comments! OH, and we can't wait to see the FB movie either! I heard an interview on NPR with several of the actors and writers and it has me very intrigued!

MrsSki said...
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Sandra said...

Your son is having a great adolescence. Sure he's beat to a snot, but that's the stuff memories are made of!
Enjoy Social Network, I think we're planning on going tomorrow!

Danelle said...

Conference weekend is the best, especially when you've had an exhausting week (or your husband is in the bishopric). And we finally got Dish Network so we can watch on BYU TV, and if I have to run out for Conference snacks in the middle of Saturday's session, we can just pause it until I get back!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to see Social Network!!! Sounds like a great date night to me :)

Coby said...

I always laugh when people say how tired they are from having fun! I have a friend who is a college student, and last Christmas got FIVE weeks off for Christmas break. At the end of it, she said she didn't feel rested and ready to go back to school. Uhm, HUH? ;-) Hope Tiny Baby recovers!

{amy} said...

I saw the Social Network and thought of you when I watched the credits to see who that cute guy was and it was AH and remembered you had gone to his wedding!!! He did a good job. Playing twins!