Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's been a long time since anyone in this house has been to kindergarten.
Trammell's going back.

Each Tuesday, Trammell "gets" to spend an hour in a kindergarten class.
I'm not really jealous.

Day 1-
Kindie: "Are you a dad?"
T- "no."
Kindie: "Oh, are you married?"
T- "no."
Kindie: "How old are you?"
T - "21"
Kindie: "And you aren't even married yet?"

T- I forgot how little kids are so cute and so gross at the same time."
Me: "What do you mean?"
T - "Like they are so little and cute but then they have 3 day old nacho cheese on their face or they blow their nose in their hand and give you a high 5."
Yeah - that's gross

And from the family annals-

Trammell at 5 years old - "I know the difference between boys and girls!"
Me hesitating: "You do?  What is it?"
Trammell: "Well, Dad and Garrett and I like bugs.  Girls don't like bugs."

Trammell at 5 - "Mom, I don't think you should let Grandma Jodi drive me to school anymore."
Me: "Why not?"
Trammell: "Well, every time she takes me, she drives past it and I have to remind her where the school is."

Garrett at 5 -
Me: "What did you learn in school today?"
Garrett - man of many words - "I learned.....what I learned."

Parker at 4 -
Me: "Now listen Parker, today when we meet with the principal to see if you can start kindergarten early, you need to listen and be polite.  And whatever you do, do NOT ask for a special teacher.  If she says that you can come to school early, you just thank her AND DO NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING ELSE."
Principal: "Congratulations Parker!  We have decided to let you come to Creekside Elementary early.  I'm so excited to have you in our school."
Parker: "Thank you very much, but I think I'm going to go ahead and skip this school and just go straight to middle school."

Don't you love kindergarteners!!!


valerie said...

Kindergarten is cute!

Danelle said...

"Cute and gross at the same time" is the most perfect description of kindergarteners I have ever heard. It's applicable to so many age groups, really.

Mama Badger said...

Send Trammel our way. He'll learn all about cute and gross at the same time. You get used to it.

Julianna said...

"I learned - what I learned" Actually made me laugh out loud. Classic! -J