Monday, October 11, 2010


I long for the days of Cialis commercials.
Remember those offensive ads?
Yeah, I hated them too...........until the election season.
Now, we can't watch a 30 minute show without being bombarded by political ads.
It's no exaggeration.
EVERY ad is a political ad.

And if that isn't enough,
every dinner hour is interrupted with phone calls from "Washington."

Everyday between 4 and 6, the phone starts ringing and I'm still dumb enough to answer.
It's always a recording.
It's always advising us of some dirty dog move that someone who is Democrat or Republican in Washington is making to end all of our rights and bring certain disaster down upon our household.

But my favorite call was the other night.

Same canned man's voice: "Survey 2010..............
Me: we go.......
Man: "Do you own a small dog?"
Me: Taken aback. we get to vote for the White House dog?  Are those dirty politicians taking away dogs' rights too?  This is going to be good.
"No." I finally answer.
Man: "Thank you very much for participating." Click
Me: Wait!  That's it?  Because I don't own a small dog, I don't get any input on raising taxes, term limits, or Wall Street bailouts?  What if I have kids who smell like dogs?  Come back!  Ask me another question!

Please make election season end!


Raven said...

My number is unlisted so I've only had one phone call for political parties, and the lady who asked whom I was voting for was very nice. I also had someone stop by my house to say hello and ask for my vote, but I was already voting for her anyway, but she was really nice too. And I don't have tv so I don't have to see all the attack ads. So, all in all, it's been pretty quiet here.

Small dogs eh? Weird.

Julianna said...

Tell me about it! We have a month to go and they're already blocking the center of town with their signs at 5pm! Seriously, I don't have time to be detoured! Even worse, this State finally put a Rebublican in Kennedy's old seat and now everyone seems to think they can swing votes. Um hello? I'm writing someone in just so I don't have to vote for the idiot (both sides) making my trek home more difficult. Ok. I'm done now.

Small dog? Are you sure it wasn't the National Census?

Ashli Dardenne said...

I had that same phone call but I got to answer "yes". There weren't any more questions for me either. Maybe it's a scam. People with big dogs are angry.

Melissa said...

We had three people call on Sunday wanting to do a survey. I told them all I didn't want to take a survey and hung up. Too bad I didn't get to answer the small dog question.