Sunday, October 3, 2010


Life is never perfect.
Life is never easy.
But there are plenty of joyous moments and plenty of days that are good.
It would be easy to overlook those days when "mostly everything" goes right.
It's important to recognize when things ARE good - even little things.
Things that are good -
* General Conference weekend.

* The feeling in my heart just at the mention of the words prophet and Thomas S. Monson.

* The knowledge that there is a God and He knows each of us and He has a plan for each of us.

* Knowing that for right now, each of my children are in a "good" spot.

* Being along in the house knowing that Brian and Parker are at the Priesthood session together and that Trammell and Garrett are at the Priesthood session together.

* Knowing that all of those priesthood holders are living worthily and trying to live the commandments and make righteous choices.

* Listening to men of God speak and feeling inspired to try a little harder, serve a little more, be a little more unselfish (except with cupcakes), study a little harder, be a little bit more charitable, and have a little more gratitude.

* Recognizing the blessing of having my parents serve a mission in Italy - 1) that they are healthy enough to serve and 2) that they have the desire to seve.

* The knowledge that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for each one of us - not only for our sins, but for our disappointments, sorrows, and sadness.  We are never alone.  He knows exactly how we feel.

Life is good.
Every day is a gift with something good just waiting to be discovered!
Have a great - or a good day!


Julianna said...

I am not, for the most part, religious. However, a good friend of mine always tells me that "God does not send you up the mountain, to push you off the cliff." Whenever I have a hard day, I remember those words. -J

Donna said...

I love this! All of those things are very, very good. Conference weekends are always the best.