Friday, October 22, 2010


Friday ROCKS!
The Friday before Fall Break ROCKS even more!
So before I start to party,
I'll upend my head and get the FRAGS out.
You don't have to be celebrating Fall Break to join in!
Go see Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time to play along!
* I voted! 
It's a family tradition for Brian and I to take the Blue Book and our ballots to breakfast and discuss them and fill them out. 
Growing up, my family (Mom, Dad, me <- the good one and my three brothers <- the naughty ones) would all sit around the kitchen table and Mom and Dad would take turns presenting an issue. They woud take turns presenting the "Pros" and "Cons." They tried to be neutral, but mom just couldn't help yourself.  "Oh for heaven's sake Ed! You're to the right of Genghis Kahn."  See!  That's where I learned about political Genghis Kahn!

* Hmmm......picked up my parents' mail (since they are on thir mission in Rome, it's a regular occurrence.)
Their mail in ballots were in there.
I DO have power of attorney.
Should I go ahead and vote FOR them?
Bahahahaha............such power!
Shall I mark "yes" on all the "right" issues for my mom and really send her over the edge?
I told you I was the good child!

* I started my Christmas shopping.
I went to the store for something very specific for Garrett and Trammell.
The store didn't have it.
So I bought some stuff for myself.
I'm counting it as Christmas shopping even though I'll probably be wearing my new purchases in October.
My INTENT was to Christmas shop!

* Arrrghhhh!
There was no line for a "write in" candidate for coroner on the ballot.

How are people going to write me in?
I'll never get to be coroner.

Okay so it wasn't "overheard."
It was said directly to me.
"You need to get a hobby...........and not ironing!"
Wow!  Someone doesn't appreciate those crisp, unwrinkled sheets enough.
It was said in a totally, loving, "You need to do something fun, just for yourself."
Next time, I'm only ironing MY SIDE of the sheets.

* If you were picking a new hobby,
would you choose kick boxing or that new pole dancing exercise that's all the rage?
NEITHER of those is going to be my new hobby!
I HATE to sweat and I think both of thoseinvolve sweating.

* The following Facebook status from a FEMALE friend just made me gag on my cupcake -
"Got a haircut today and had my chin hairs waxed for the first time!  It's awesome.  My chin is so smooth."
This one status update alone is argument for why 1) Facebook should be shut down immediately. 2) Facebook isn't for moms and dads. 3) We really aren't qualified to make important decisions like who should run this country.
Is this grounds to "unfriend" someone.

* Alright - I've got a plane to catch.
Have a great weekend!


Shannon said...

Stopping by from FF... I love the FB statuses that are used. I sometimes want to post, "Did you really mean for all 400 plus of your 'friends' to read that?" It can and will be used against you at some point.

Thanks for a smile. Hope the plane ride was fantastic! :)

Amy said...

It's FB you can unfriend for any reason. Sometimes I do it just when I'm bored then wait to see how long it takes before they request my friendship again on there. Yeah I probably need a new hobby too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I studied kickboxing, took a private lesson for several months and quickly switched to Kung Fu! Why? Because I was far too passive for kickboxing. I loved the study of Kung Fu. I chose Monkey style, because of my flexability and short stature... I miss is so much. And so does my body!

Ah yes, it is amazing what you will read on face book at times! WOW... I think I'd have kept that one to myself!

Have a great weekend!

valerie said...

Hey I went Christmas shopping today too and just happened to pick up a few things for me! Ironing is your hobby?!!! Gina! We MUST talk. No cupcakes for you until you stop ironing your sheets! ;)

Joy For Your Journey said...

I totally agree with your FB comments!! And I had to laugh at your "Christmas shopping." I can totally relate to that.

I also think it is great that your family discussed political events/choices. I have always loved a good political debate.

Julianna said...

Wait... you iron sheets? Come to New England darlin' I'll find you a hobby. :)

Raven said...

I would never advertise having to get my chin hairs waxed. Ever. Not that I have them. Which I don't. Really.

I have to start my Christmas shopping soon too. I hate shopping.

Danelle said...

I wish my husband and I could have that breakfast/ballot tradition. But he can't vote in this country! I think I'll make him take me to breakfast anyway. :)

Qoddess said...

You've been quoted!