Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vote for ME for CORONER!

Fall is finally here.
And I am pretty excited about it!
It's 45 and rainy!  Yippee!
Sorry - I was getting sick of the 80's and my summer clothes.

You know what else is here?
It's RaNDoM THouGHT TueSDaY with Keely!
Go over to
The Un Mom's and give her some love!

* I'm making this today -
It's a cute little banner to hang in the house.  I'm sure my college kids (who will never see it) and soon to be 16 year old Parker will think it's awesome!
You can make one too!
Go on over to LeeLou Blogs and print one!

*Evidently, it's time to re-elect our coroner.
Talk about my dream job!
Vote for ME for Coroner.
I have a sick and twisted attraction to dead things - not like horror movie dead things but like CSI.
So vote for me!
Oh, I have no training.
Also - does anyone know why it matters if your coroner is Democrat or Republican?
Does one fight for corpse's rights more than the other?
Just wondering.

* Recent coversations with someone who doesn't care to live until his next birthday - which is ONE week away!

Me: "Seriously - no more tennis with firey tennis balls!"
Him: "Huh?  What?"
Me: "Do you think I'm stupid?"
Him: "Tennis with balls of fire?"
Me: "Did you seriously think I wouldn't notice the char marks on the garage and the singed tennis ball?
No more."
Him: " But fire is good. Being a pyro is good. All the inventors liked fire and I'm going to invent something.  I am.  I'm inventing time travel.  I just need a few more minutes to work it out.  Really - put me in a Calc8 class and I'll be able to do it."

* Talking to the same genius
Me: "Don't forget, tonight is your academic letter ceremony."
Him: Groaning; "No.....no it's not.  We're not going."
Me: Of course we're going. You have to go."
Him: "No, smart kids letter. Kids who are really intelligent stay home and pick up the letter in the office the next day."
Plus they have cookies from the Cookie Company for dessert - that's the REAL reason to go!

Don't tell anyone, but I wrapped up two in a napkin for today's breakfast!
And it's breakfast time!
Have a great Tuesday!


Mama Badger said...

My God, you're an 89 year old grandma. Did you take some sweet n lo, too? What else is in that purse?

Funny, I was thinking "The cool kids never went to that stuff.", too.

Lauren Billat said...

COX for CORONER! If you win I dubs you to do my autopsy when I "pass". Sorry about all of the fat. ;)

Christina said...

Our children should never meet. I think between the two of them they would figure out world domination for sure.

Enjoy the cookies!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Hitting fiery tennis balls might be fun and a great way to relieve some stress. But then again, if the house accidentally caught on fire, that wouldn't be so cool and would only add stress. ;)

Heh, I'm with Mama Badger - I always thought the 'cool' (and really intelligent) kids never went to that stuff, either. ;)

RTT: Dragon Trumps Zelda (maybe)

Danelle said...

I think a Democrat coroner feels that the government should pay for your funeral service, while a Republican coroner feels that the government shouldn't take your hard-earned money to pay for someone else's funeral. Your recorded phone call could start out like, "We're all going to die . . . " Hopefully that helps you with your campaign strategy. :)

Julianna said...

Okay. That is totally a conversation I will be having in 5 years with my youngest. I can already see it.

And, I'll vote for you. But I don't think it will count. :) -J

Stef said...

We vote for Coroner?? Huh. I never noticed. Huh.
I love that you snuck cookies. That sounds like something I...I mean someone I know would do.

martyeaster said...

I learned something about being the coroner. In most counties in Colorado they have are the only person in the county who can arrest the Sheriff. Whether it is a Dem or Rep I have no idea. I am going to write you in on the ballot!

Mimi said...

Hey! I would love to help you out in your election, but all of the political rhetoric on TV, etc. has left a bad taste in my mouth. Soooo in other words, I won't be voting! Regardles...you are a shoo-in. Your brother would help, but he is an angry dog owner.

p.s. Great picture of you three at the award ceremony. I wish you guys dressed up more often.