Monday, October 18, 2010


Sweet 16!
It's Parker's special day!
Parker has always been full of energy, passion and enthusiasm.
He was due in November and tried to make his grand entry into the world in August.
With hospitalization, medication, bed rest and my mom moving in for three months,
we were able to contain him until October 18th!
He never walked, he ran.
He has always been adventurous and up for something new and different.
He puts up with unbelievable amounts of teasing and holds his own.
He has always been able to keep up - whether on his feet, a bike, roller blades, a scooter or on a snowboard.
He is fearless.

Our family wouldn't be the same without Tiny Baby, TB, PK, Parky, Bubsy, Sir Bubsalot, Rat-Dog, Ratly, and 100 other pet names!

We love you Parker!
Happy Birthday!


Mama Badger said...

Happy Birthday to you and your littliest! I love how you call your 16 year old "tiny baby"!

Julianna said...

AWE! And to think...he is only 19 years 364 days younger than me. :) 16 seems like only yeaterday. Enjoy your boy's day! -J

valerie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! So, he's driving...that must be scary... ;)