Friday, October 29, 2010


* I KNOW!   I didn't blog for an ENTIRE week!
I was on vacation.
It was lovely.
I didn't write down a single witty conversation the entire week.
So it was actually a vacation for my kids, extended family and all of those I normally eavesdrop on.
I guess they deserve a break every once in awhile.

* But I'm back just in time for FRIDAY FRAGMENTS
Get on over to Half Past Kissin' Time and hook up with Mrs. 4444!  You'll love her!

* We went to Chicago and visited my brother and his family.
He graduated from med school this summer and is doing his residency in Emergency Medicine.
He has GREAT stories.
And NOT just from the ER.

* The vacation was low key.
We mostly just hung out and went to the Shedd Aquarium,
Field Museum,
 the top of the Hancock Tower,
Wrigley Field, shopped on Michigan Avenue, got cupcakes at the Bleeding Heart Bakery, ate Chicago style deep dish pizza, Chicago dogs and sat on my brother's bed eating CRACK corn. 
It's caramel corn from Garrett's Popcorn downtown, but I swear they put something in it.  You innocently "try" it and then you become a fiend.  You WILL eat it until you are sick AND THEN YOU WILL KEEP EATING IT. 
We brought several pounds home - of the crack corn too.
I'm checking in re-hab later!

* We weren't the only ones who ate too much!
One of the most fun things we did was watch my nieces' Ball Python eat dinner.
And I know you wouldn't want to miss the pics!

Seriously!  How cool is that?  Who wouldn't want this guy living in their bedroom?
* Are your kids completely different?  I mean, different from each other?
Mine totally are.
All three are AWESOME and they do have a lot in common,
but, they are each so unique.
Here's just ONE example.
Trammell: "Hey, I can register tonight at midnight.  Can I call you later to talk about different classes and professors?"
Me: "Sure.  I can go look at the class schedule while you are in class today.  I can also check out the professors on so you don't have to waste time later."
Trammell: "Great.  If you don't get time, no worries, but I'll call you later."

Me: "Hey, isn't it almost time to register for next semester."
Garrett: "Ummm......I don't know."

Well..........there ya go.

*Well, it's the last day of Fall Break today!
We're going to live it up

by driving to the Boy Scout office to turn in Parker's Eagle Scout Application,
baking some cakes for the church Halloween party,
doing laundry and cleaning the house.
Woo Hoo!  We know how to party!

Have a great weekend!


valerie said...

Sorry no snakes in this momma's house! Once the boys let a gardner snake loose in here and I screamed my head off. No, no snakes! lol Sounds like you had a good vacation. :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh the memories of the snake my kids had when they were young. I was never so happy (but acted so sad) when that thing died.
I lived in Chicago 35 years ago for 2 years. My oldest daughter was born there. I loved going to Wrigley Field in the afternoon and the pizza. The winter not so much fun.
Have a great Halloween!

Mrs4444 said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on the Eagle ap milestone! Kyle's Court of Honor is next weekend :)

The snake--very impressive.

Chicago rocks--so much to do! Glad you had fun.

Kendall and Kyle are alike in all the great ways (grades, responsibility) but different in personality (one very outgoing, one a little shy), which is nice.

Have a great weekend!!

Unknown Mami said...

I just know I would make myself so sick with that popcorn. I have no self-control.

Christina said...

I think I'd be a crack-corn addict too. Animals... like having NatGeo in your house. Interesting and educational.

Julianna said...

I'm like that with kettle corn. can't get enough of the stuff.

I dated a guy who's sister had a ball python. She forgot to feed him often. It was not so cool when you found that he'd escaped his cage and was looking at YOU to eat. -J

Danelle said...

I thought my boys were all different, but now I realize they are all the "Umm . . . I don't know" type. And also all the type who would think a snake eating a rat is the coolest thing ever. They'd probably all get addicted to crackcorn too!

Raven said...

I used to have snake nightmares after living with my ex and his 12 foot boa constrictor. They finally stopped 2 years ago. Until today. Thank you. ;)