Thursday, October 7, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning!

I love planning.
I pretty much love planning more than the actual doing whatever I planned.
Almost...but not quite.

Yesterday, I got out the Halloween decorations,
but today, I've moved on!

Today, I'm planning for this -
and a trip here

for this
and this
and then I'm planning for this -

Glitter Corn - cool huh?
where can I get some of these cool, tall candles?

Pears with letters made out of cloves - forget welcome!  I'm thinking guests initials for place cards.

But first, I've got to package all of this up
and send it off because SOME people are stuck in October and are thinking about Halloween.
Move on people!  Move on!


Mama Badger said...

So you're going to Chicago? Hmmm. To eat glittery corn? Now I'm confused. I'm with the boys. Just send treats and keep the crazy glitter, clove stuff in November, where it belongs.

Julianna said...

Nope. No matter how many pics you post, there is nothing appealing to me about pushing a cart. Sorry.

LOVE the pear idea. I'm making napkin rings out of acorns (if they come out good I'll post pics) this year for my Mom's thanksgiving dinner.

I am also a planner, which is why, I'm making my wedding dress, planning a wedding, taking 11 people to Washing DC, making 2 halloween costumes, throwing two completely out of control Brithday parties for my boys, moving the Almost Hubby in, remodeling our only bathroom, reasearching a new car, and budgeting for it all, so it can all happen in less than 10 months.

Wow. Now, I need a nap. Funny, I didn't plan on that.