Monday, January 24, 2011


Saturday was awesome!
No, we weren't on a cruise nor did we go on a spending spree.
We just hung out.....just the two of us.

Yeah......TWO of us.
Sorry, Trammell, Garrett and Parker!
Before there was us - the five Coxes, the crazy Coxes,
there was US - just two of us.
We are this close ( ) to being empty nesters.
2012 is our year!
But on Saturday, with Trammell in college in Utah, Garrett in college in Idaho, and Parker in the mountains for a leadership retreat, the house was EMPTY.

We got to do whatever we wanted.
It's not that glamorous, but it was just US, so it was awesome.
Brian left at 7:30 and went to help a lady from church move.
Then he went to his office.
I got up and puttered around the house.
I packed up my breakfast - 2 cupcakes, a little bag of chips and a coke and went to his office.
He worked, we talked, I booked a trip to go with Garrett to the temple, we chatted, we made plans, we got hungry.

We came and went as we wanted.  We reported in to no one.
We ran a couple of errands,
picked up 3 movies at Redbox,
ate Linner (Lunch & Dinner combined) at 3 pm at a Chinese restaurant.

We ran to the grocery store,
went to the movie theater and bought movie theater popcorn,
climbed up on our bed at 5 pm and started the first movie.

Half way through the second, we were hungry again.
We ventured out to the kitchen and made snacks and got back on the bed.
Finished the second movie, watched the news and called it a day.

Nope it wasn't anything expensive or adventurous or filled with gourmet food and there was little socializing with the outside world but it was perfect!

Love you boys!
But I'm counting the days to May 26, 2012!


Danelle said...

This sounds great! Let's see, only 12 more years until I can have the best Saturday ever. And going to the movie theater just to get the popcorn is brilliant!

Donna said...

Fun! Sometimes I can't wait for those days to come. They're a ways off for me!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

An empty nest is amazing isn't it. I told you it was great!!
And then there were 3!!

Julianna said...

Blending two families, we always have the kids with us, (usually between us). Almost Hubs just said to me the other day... "You know what I was thinking? Our honey moon will be the first time we have ever sat next to each other on an airplane." So I asked him "Will you hold my hand?" He said "No."



Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!!! :)

Stef said...

I have 18 years to go...DO you think I will make it. smiles.

Shirley said...

An empty nest is wonderful! All of a sudden, most of the house stays clean. : ) Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday