Monday, January 17, 2011


Did you watch the Golden Globes?
I watched the "important" awards..........meaning the ones that Social Network was nominated for!
Yes, my beautiful neighbor Elizabeth and her extremely charming husband Armie were a hit o the red carpet and I watched to support them -
Social Network took home 4 Golden Globes including Best Picture, Drama.

Besides watching to see if Social Network won, the only OTHER reasons to watch are the DRESSES.
They range from classy to beautiful to ridiculous to "What were they thinking?"
On nights like this, for shows like this, I nominate myself Fashion Critic.

So if you missed it -
 Eva Longoria - classy black.  Trending toward tasteful but she is spilling out a tad much. 

 Halle Berry -  I like the black foundation garments.  Where's the dress?
 Christina Aguilera - Oh dear!  Siren Mermaid?  Those are A LOT O CURVES!
Helena Bonham - It doesn't add up.  Or does it?  Hair+Dress+Shoes =Travesty. 
 Nicole Kidman - Always classy.
 Carrie Underwood - Gorgeous
 Leighton Meester - Too much fabric.  Are those 80's shoulder pads?
 Michelle Williams - Best disguise.  Her dress matches her skin and her hair.  Winner if you are going incognito!

Sandra?  Is that Sandra Bullock under there?  Or is that the Shaggy DA?

Natalie Portman - Nice bed sheet!  I understand she is pregnant but there are gorgeous dresses for pregnant women.  You don't just have to swath yourself in a bolt of material and stable a rose in between your breasts.  Plus, I made the mistake of listening to her acceptance speech which somehow took a turn for the worse as she praised Ben for getting her in this condition.  Oh dear!
Elizabeth - Best red dress on the red carpet!  Totally classy and always gorgeous!

January Jones - WORST red "jumper" on the red carpet!
 Mila Kunis - Gorgeous in emerald green!
Shaun Robinson - Beautifully fitted!  She knows how to pull of sparkly!  She's lovely

Olivia Wilde - Eek!  A little too much sparkly!  The fairy godmother waved her wand over Olivia a few too many times.

There were plenty of travesties and tragedies throughout the night.  That's what happens when you have an open bar during a three hour awards show! 


Raven said...

Wow those are some gorgeous (and horrendous!) dresses! Thanks for the recap as I didn't get to watch. :)

Julianna said...

Shame about Halle... she's so beautiful.... if she'd only remmebered the dress.

Sometimes I think they wear some of these things just so they'll be talked about.

Tettelestai said...

great commentary, very funny!!! i have to agree with you... what on earth were some of those gals thinking??

Stef said...

I've never really gotten into the awards shows. But I loved your takes on the dresses. What was Sandra thinking? Seriously. SHe is a beautiful lady, what was she trying to pull off there? Ugly?
I loved Carrie's dress too. Simply beautiful!