Friday, January 28, 2011

Scooby Doo's IQ vs Sponge Bob's

Seriously?  It's Friday?  I can't believe I'm still alive.  Some weeks are like that.
Thank heavens for Mrs. 4444!
Fragment are ALL I've got left!
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* I just got this email -
"33% OFF any one item..........PLUS, you save an additional 10%.  That's nearly 40% off."

What?  Isn't it EXACTLY 43% off?
Maybe this boookstore doesn't sell Math books.

*Parker: Did they have any good cartoons when you were younger?"
Me: "Yeah.  I wish they were still on.  I loved Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo."

Parker: "Tom & Jerry is still on.  Scooby Doo is too.......but it's not good."
Me: "Yeah it is."
Parker: "No it's not.  Scooby Doo isn't intelligent."
Me: "What?  Like Sponge Bob is?  Give me a break."

Parker: "Oh yeah -Sponge Bob is.  Like a 4 year old is going to get Squidward's jokes.  I think Squidward might be my new favorite character."

Glad we justified all that Sponge Bob watching.

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 In the middle of dinner, I received this text:
"Hey do you know what would take a whole bunch of ink off hands?"
I responded: "Sorry!  Did an ink pen explode?  I don't know....bleach? alcohol?......the rubbing kind."
"No.......the printer cartridge got confused and I have printer ink all over."

Suddenly, the geniuses in the family came to life with suggestions.
Parker: "Tell him to try hydrochloric acid."
Brian: "No, tell him gasoline.....................and a match.  After that, he won't notice the ink."

Thanks guys!

* All of us met at a restaurant for dinner last night.
Me: What happened to your car?"
Brian: "Oh I was in the drive thru at Sonic and this guy leaned out of his car and said, 'Do you mind if I walk around your car?'  I told him 'Sure, go ahead.' He then said, 'I can fix your car.  I can take all of those scratches out.  I can make your car look like new."
Parker: "Cool!  It's like repentance..........sold at Sonic."

* Because the conversations in my own booth were so intelligent,
I started eavesdropping on the people in the booth behind me.
Diner to Friend: "Oh yes, I'm recommending a really good book: "How to be Christian Without Being Religious."

It's probably on the shelf next to Sexual Aspects of the Celibate Life.

If you are bored this weekend, there are two hot reads for you!

Happy Friday!


Caution Flag said...

I can't stop laughing at the nearly 40% off. That was wonderful. And SpongeBob? He's a hero here!

Rebecca Jo said...

You want intelligence? Then find papa Smurf! :)

valerie said...

Doesn't he know that Scooby is the real hero in every episode? lol

Amy said...

I love the conversations you have with your boys. Makes me look forward to the ones that I'll have with mine in a few years. We already have some interesting ones now.

They are right it is nearly 40%, but not quiet. If the book is $100, take off 33% it's now $67. Take off an additional 10% of the new price it is now $60.30 making it 39.7% off the original price.

Unknown Mami said...

I mean, I know I'm not good at math, but come on!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Oh my gosh! Amy, you are brilliant and correct. I am dumb. But I think I will ask them to go ahead and take the whole 43% off at once so that I only pay $57. I'll show them!

From Tracie said...

That's nearly 40% off. Random.

Scooby Doo was the best!! The newer episodes, not so much...but sometimes Cartoon Network does an afternoon of classic episodes and my daughter and I always watch it!

SpongeBob is crazy and very annoying.

Raven said...

Scooby Doo so rocks! We had such awesome cartoons as kids, now all the cartoons nowadays suck.

Donna said...

All of your fragments today are funny! And I vote for Scooby being smarter than SpongeBob, I'm a Scooby Doo fan all the way! :)

sillybilly said...

the cartoons i used to watch are much better than what they have these days. i find most of the cartoons so vulgar.

lisleman said...

about the math problem - if you take 10% off the reduced price it does come out to be 40%. If you really want I can show you the math.
Thanks for the laugh with the conversations. I'll be sure not to spill any ink on myself near your family. That's a good book title you came up with.

Amy said...

Thumbs up to Tom & Jerry and Spongebob. Scooby is ok, but it scares me.

LOL at the books. Wonder if I can find those for the Nook ;)

Mel Fraase said...

I would rather watch SpongeBob than Scooby, I never really got into him.

The solutions for printer ink are killer!! HAHAHAAhahaha!!

Brandi. said...

Ha Ha! Sounds like you have some intersting conversations, as well. I love the things my 4 year old comes up with some day...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

H.K. said...

Your Friday Fragments left me cracking me up! I love the conversations between yourself and your kids- hilarious!!!